Child’s Play

play like a child, art is fun, canon 600d, black and white photography,

Child’s play. Wouldn’t we All,  like a small slice of that?

The times on the swings at the local park in summer. Waiting for mom to call you for dinner. Enjoying those last moments of pure freedom of child’s play.

Not realising, the reality of those words.


play like a child, art is fun, canon 600d, black and white photography,
Childs Play, at the park


Child’s Play BW Moods

Child’s Play snapshot was taken as a black and white. Not digitally recreated as BW. And even if, the shot is more of a ‘happy snap’ vs a fine art photograph – thats ok.

I think, many times the mood, content and feeling of the art image,  makes up for some of it’s other shortcomings.

The final judgement call belongs to the creator. DO I truly enjoy this image?

I honestly believe that to be the most elemental and important part of creating for any artist.



Black and White Benefits

Why did I,  a ‘colorist’  choose BW for a children’s shot in a lovely bright park?

That doesn’t sound right!


What works with paint… painting in Monochrome,  works in photography.

  • The Story & subject can be made, more clear
  • Can be made more powerful
  • Less cluttered




Fun, while it lasts

The models… behaved long enough for me to do a few snapshots.


But such good behaviour often can not last overly long.

So Then,  a pleasant zen stroll to my local park with the two grandchildren turned.

Into a forced military march.

Homeward bound.

It was fun. While it lasted.





Open mind. Closed mind.

Really I think its that simple.


Ruts keep my mind closed.

Not able to see the surroundings so clearly.


Changing patterns, driving routes, paint colors, art media, post topics, brushes, yes… even hair color and style…. keeps my mind Open.

Free to see my surroundings much better.

I’m an artist, I want to See!



By choosing to change up my artistic routine, I hope to avoid a boring repetitive quality to my work.  The dreaded rut.

And by these occasional change ups, I keep learning.

I keep stretching.

I keep going Beyond…….


You could too.




Child’s Play in black and white is a direct opposite of the prior post.  Color Play Triad.    

It was fun playing with my palette of colors:  cobalt teal;  golden ochre and  velvety, purple Moonstone.

It was fun creating a Color Play Triad, that sang out. Like a bright spring day, just for me.

Almost like a zen stroll, on a fine pleasant morning filled with lovely things.     



Childs Play, be silly

Why don’t you try what I did at the park.

  • Be just a little bit silly.
  • Sit on the swing.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Then go find The Slide.


Enjoy Life:  Sample a small slice of that Child’s Play.… it is delightful.


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28 thoughts on “Child’s Play

  1. You knew I’d love this. It’s what makes life worth living. I feel the love and joy just looking at your beautiful grandchildren. Thanks for sharing this precious moment:-)

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    1. yes Andrew. Thank you! There’s not really alot of people that you know…. will enjoy looking at grandchildren photos. I did know, you’re one of them. This was great in that both were turned, faced the other direction – but it actually worked to enhance the shot. thanks 🙂 cheers, Debi

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  2. I love monochrome as much as I love colour – monochrome has a way of striping away the clutter and distractions and helps to focus on what’s important… a lovely image of your grandchildren Debi

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    1. thank you Cynthia! good eyes you have! Glad you enjoyed this. I really liked the holes as well. my color shots were ok, but this bw was better for the pattern and design.thanks again, cheers. 🙂


    1. Amy, thank you for your kind thoughts about this different topic than my typical. any time I do something not “watercolor” it is a risk that the readers will not enjoy it. but…. without risk, no growth either. Glad that you enjoyed reading this, and saw the fun in it 🙂 cheers, Debi

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      1. Debi, I too have done different on my blog here and there and it really is working out. I’ve gotten more “open” by allowing others to really “see” me. It feels empowering and it feels good. I encourage the same for you. 💞🌸💞

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      2. Hi Amy!! yep. I believe that not with-holding, being true to oneself is the right path. no, can’t say that everyone out there is going to ‘appreciate’ that approach, but, hey…. why, do we have to put on false faces for them?! Thanks Amy. wishing you a lovely spring weekend!

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  3. Your post got me wondering why I haven’t done that. I seem to be always tired around my two little very energetic boys. That would be a win-win!
    On B&W- I fell in love with it actually a few months back and haven’t come out of it yet. Never thought why-thanks 🙂

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    1. oh my gosh, yes you would be tired! I must admit about the slide, I made sure it was only us – on the playground! LOL can’t have anyone seeing a ‘gramma’ going down the kiddy slide!!!
      going to run over to your place now…. cheers, Debi

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha..
        I love swings and many a time, in parks and playgrounds, I am so tempted to just swing away to glory. I make sure theres no weight limit, and theres no one to watch before I do 🙂

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