Color Play Triad

purple moonstone, cobalt teal blue, gold ochre, color triad watercolors, color palette,

Just for fun.

A quick bit of mixing and matching.

Testing the colors out, seeing who looks good together.


watercolor mixing, triad color palettes, teal, Daniel Smith moonglow,
watercolor triads


Watercolor Play

I created a 6 set chart in watercolors.

Then found a few sets that appealed to me the most.


This triad with the Daniel Smith Moonglow, the cobalt teal (green blue) and the golden warm ochre – has a lovely tropical and floral feel to it I quite enjoy.


Creating these charts and then grouping into sets, Its a good way to inspire the imagination!



Definitely not hard.

Certainly not time consuming.

But has great artistic benefits.


For more Watercolor Beginner tips and techniques you’ll find a lot at Watercolor Basic Tips.   




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  1. I love colour charts – I am in the process of creating a whole sketchbook full of them just for my own personal reference. As you say, it’s inspiring to see all the different colours on one page…

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