To master color, what I do…. is Experiment.


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To Master Color…experiment, Daniel Smith watercolors




Master Color, Watercolors


Alot of it.

But, it is so fun.


It Can be super fast, like this one!  5 Minutes.

And you learn so much from every practice you do.


I find that setting aside the 5 minutes, instead of an hour or two,  really helps.

I always know that I can try to squeeze those 5 minutes in.

And,  if I do have an hour or two?  I’ll take them!





Daniel Smith watercolors Indanthrone blue pb60 and   Daniel Smith primatek  Purpurite …for that purple and textured effect.

Arches cold press 300 gsm paper 

Rekab 320s #2   watercolor brush         





The paints easily diluted and mixed together.

The granulation effect was quite responsive.

The mixes came out, deliberately,  as  1. Dark 2. Mid 3. Lighter Tone  

It was easy to create warmer and cooler mixes. Which would of course, help in a painting to create depth and perspective.   



I found myself quite pleased with the results, especially the textural effects. 

I hadn’t Thought of putting these two paints together before.

Glad I did, to show you on a Silly Saturday! 


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Purpurite-Indanthrone, Daniel Smith wc