You Pretty Thing, You!

bokeh, canon 600d, macro lens, photography flowers,

Pretty things, these pea blossoms.

They weren’t mine.

Once again, I’ve taken the shots from my neighbor’s garden while on a zen stroll.



pea blossom photograph, canon 600d, zen stroll,
Sweet and Pretty Pea blossoms


Pretty Does the Garden Grow

Its fabulous to go round the neighborhood and see what pretty things grow.


I meet some really lovely people.

As I ….edge closer to their flowers.

For those that know me now, you can’t imagine just how shy I used to be.



These days….

Sitting upon the sidewalk right in front of their homes, steadying my camera on a post or pole.

Believe me, I’d come out to see what someone was taking photos of too!



nature walks, flower photos, zen stroll,
Love Embrace, peas

What’s There?!!

While taking shots of fallen berries, gorgeous fat purple lillipillies strewn upon the sidewalk….. one neighbor looked decidedly, confused.

She had to inquire “What, are you photographing?”  For she saw nothing.




bokeh, soft blur background, flower photography, zen stroll,
Intwined, pea blossoms


Most of my neighbors are great.

They have such lovely gardens and kind enough to ‘share’  all that prettiness.

Thoughtful, aren’t they?




bokeh, canon 600d, macro lens, photography flowers,
dappled, days of summer


I included this last one, simply because of its background.

I love it.

The background is what makes it, “so Pretty.”




Out of the garden…..

Pea blossoms.


Pretty little things. 





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