Sea Salt, Sand and Surf

Sea Salt, Sand and Surf

Fast. Fun.  Free.

Images of the ocean.  Creating the pulse of sea salt, grit, sand and surf.

Its a rapid beat,  surf spraying  and  ‘wave riders’  at one with the sea.


fun day at the beach, photography at the beach, sea foam,
Sea Salt, Sand and Surf – photo inspirations



acrylic painting seashore, surf in cobalt teal blue, abstract art in teal,
Salted Sea Spray, acrylics




sea side photography, surfer Indian Ocean, Perth Australia,
Surf and Wave  – photo inspirations


Sea Salt and Sand

The surfers are on the edge, riding each wave…… with a seemingly careless ease.

Ducking under rollers, spinning through the spray, riding those bucking rodeo steeds in a split second.

Its fast. Its fun. Furiously free.

It was so enjoyable, to watch!




The acrylic painting was created,  just like that.

Free. Fun. Fast.  Riding the edge in a split second.

Crash and burn …or ride to glory.




Seemingly careless ease?

Frankly  – so many more times – I crash and burn.

With no ride to glory.



But I continue.

Its all about the passion  for the sport, the action, the hobby chosen.

And even after all these years, with my enthusiasm for the process

– those ‘crash and burns’  –

I barely notice them any longer.






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