Sea Salt, Sand and Surf

fun day at the beach, photography at the beach, sea foam,

Fast. Fun.  Free.

Images of the ocean.  Creating the pulse of sea salt, grit, sand and surf.

Its a rapid beat,  surf spraying  and  ‘wave riders’  at one with the sea.


fun day at the beach, photography at the beach, sea foam,
Sea Salt, Sand and Surf – photo inspirations



acrylic painting seashore, surf in cobalt teal blue, abstract art in teal,
Salted Sea Spray, acrylics




sea side photography, surfer Indian Ocean, Perth Australia,
Surf and Wave  – photo inspirations


Sea Salt and Sand

The surfers are on the edge, riding each wave…… with a seemingly careless ease.

Ducking under rollers, spinning through the spray, riding those bucking rodeo steeds in a split second.

Its fast. Its fun. Furiously free.

It was so enjoyable, to watch!




The acrylic painting was created,  just like that.

Free. Fun. Fast.  Riding the edge in a split second.

Crash and burn …or ride to glory.




Seemingly careless ease?

Frankly  – so many more times – I crash and burn.

With no ride to glory.



But I continue.

Its all about the passion  for the sport, the action, the hobby chosen.

And even after all these years, with my enthusiasm for the process

– those ‘crash and burns’  –

I barely notice them any longer.






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