Sea Sirens – Ultramarine and Cobalt Teal Blue

ocean dunes along the Indian ocean, western australia,

I’ve been lured. By the sirens of the sea.

Glorious deep ultramarine blue with a whisper of violet you have to know is there to really see.

And then,  there is my magnificent so enticing,  cobalt teal blue.

I’ve been to the sea. The Indian Ocean, and she wants me again.



ocean dunes along the Indian ocean, western australia,
dunes along the shores



i walked the sands

played for awhile upon the shiny damp salted shores


i gazed into the sculptures she made

those sea forms that rose, created from sea foam


exquisite in shape and form and loveliness


sea foam at the beach, photography nature,
Sea Foam Sculptures in the sand


i sat for a fleeting afternoon

warmed upon the dunes


i shot a thousand shots

to try, to capture that millisecond


that transcendent moment in time



surfing in Perth, Indian Ocean photographs, seascapes in ultramarine and cobalt teal,
Playing upon the siren’s wave


i left the bewitching tempestuous seas

returning home nearly wrung dry


i painted the immersion of what i felt

and all the while


that deep tapping, that inner knowing


the sea sirens of ultramarine and cobalt teal blues

would lure me back



Indian ocean photographs, beach and surf,
Out to Sea



I will finish with the second half in the next post.

In that post you’ll see my creations from the sea, in painting form …. abstract style, in oils.






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