Abstract Harmony

Daniel Smith watercolor quinacridone sienna, burnt umber, watercolor abstracts, debiriley.com

What, might be the Benefits of looking at Abstract paintings?  At creating them?

Frees the mind.

Unlocks previously locked doors and boundaries.

Opens new vistas and new creative ideas.

Relaxes the mind in a calm, meditative yet alert fashion.

Quiets the ‘negative, critical’ voice.

Allows –  the encouraging and positive.  to come forth.

A Positive mindset sets the stage for inventiveness

For playful creativity, for learning from each and every brush stroke

– whether they be “Award winning, Acclaimed” or not.

Abstract forms of art help us in our pursuit of harmony.

In our pursuit of joy, contentedness, self fulfilment,

Abstractions create a needed …. balance within us.





Daniel Smith watercolor quinacridone sienna, burnt umber, watercolor abstracts, debiriley.com
watercolors: Earth Colors harmony and abstracts



Abstract Harmony and Balance


Abstract art requires all the regular art core basics of tonal values, correct edges, warm and cool temperatures, texture and detail in the right locations, etc.

So, in a way – I would have to say that to create a pleasing work of art in abstract ….. is much harder.

Its also much more fun!



Watercolor Technique

For the “Featured Abstract”   Above,    this was painted on dry paper.  I used Hot Press Paper Arches 90lb (the lightest weight.)

I combined  several watercolor techniques.   

The mingling of colors was created with charging them together whilst still wet.

The texture was a Splatter technique. And for 50% of the piece I poured, my paint onto the paper.


The Paints

The Paints,  just  the 3.

Three colors in The Earth Color palette.

Quinacridone Sienna, Daniel Smith watercolors;  Burnt Umber; and Raw Sienna.

3 colors.  3 definite tonal values, at the very minimum.

I used a Limited Palette, which provides the most opportunity for harmony, for greater depth, for better tonal values.




Gateways Created With Abstract Art

Gateways open, we Choose   to enter.


Artists travel along pathways,  as each….. unfold to us.


Leading us.

Around each New exciting bend and corner.



Wall art Debiriley Society6.com
coral pink collage debiriley.com


From collage, to brushstroke….



Zen Unbounded, wabi sabi, debiriley.com



inspiring color, abstracting photographs, debiriley.com
Inspire Me



Blue Waters Inspires, photo art, debiriley.com
Blue Waters


To magenta wine reflections.

digital painting in red wine colors, with purple reflections, debi riley art


green bowl, Chihuly bowl, color, debiriley.com
Chihuly Bowl in Greens



a child's eye, quail egg drawing in color, debiriley.com
Quail Eggs by Ryan


To Pastel pencil quail eggs to  acrylics sculptural molding paste effects.


quail egg photograph, still life photography leaves, debiriley.com
Egg, Foil, Leaves –  Abstract shapes and Patterns abound



reflections and patterns, photo, debiriley.com
Abstract Patterns in reflections, and  Shells


texture and patterns, quail eggs, photos, debiriley.com
Quail Eggs and Foil – Abstract Painting with matching patterns



cobalt teal blue pg50, textural effects and techniques, cobalt teal painting, debiriley.com
Molding Paste textural effects, debiriley.com




watercolor pairings, lunar black, sienna, debiriley.com
Lunar Black Mountain with Quinacridone Sienna and Prussian blue



Love of color, watercolor, debiriley.com
For Love of Color – Earth and Jade waters


Mountains, Jade waters to rough hewn craggy mountains in watercolors…… the gateway opened and I walked through.


craggy tactile texture in watercolour using molding paste, debiriley.com
Creative Watercolors!  Craggy Mountain





More…With Abstracts

It seems to me, that Abstracts are more.

More than merely  scribbles.

More than “child’s play.”

More than the conscious mind takes in.


But, one the subconscious fully embraces with gusto.

Once, we ‘allow’ it.

Once we give it the nod, the ‘OK.’





a beautiful, creativity gateway.





abstract art – a  definition 




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The act of creation, in any media is a fascinating and magical process. I simply love to create. Expressing in color, line, tone, texture - as if, they were words upon a page. Creating a uniquely me, interpretation. Enjoy More of my "one-of-a-kind" expressive art at society6.com/debiriley and, redbubble.com/people/debijriley/shop

29 thoughts on “Abstract Harmony

    1. abstracts…. was just another way to present new information and new ways of seeing things! we keep the info stored in our minds….til such time, we need it, we want to use it. then we can pull it out for use. Yes, this post (and the new one) were longer. it just happened. somehow they ‘evolved’ from a paragraph with 1 photo. to articles with, more layers, more depth, more Substance within the body. my grandmother, laughed and used to say to me “Debi, still waters run deep.” She knew me well.
      so Holly, take your time with the long posts. return several times. earmark it for later even.
      just – Bite off what you can chew! cheers, Debi 🙂

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  1. I find your abstracts intriguing, mostly because there are shapes that emerge (sometimes different ones each time I look). Some of the completely “modern” abstract art (by other artists) does absolutely nothing for me – those pictures that are wild splashes of colour that look like an angry psycho threw his paint pots at the wall – but yours are absolutely fascinating. I would be proud to hang any one of them on my wall.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you! and yes, some do look angry, psycho and violent – those I don’t care for either Anneli.
      Softer, and more inviting ones I like; even if, there is no identifiable ‘Object.’ as long as it has tones, and harmony, and welcomes!! lol
      thank you so much for that lovely praise, it means alot to me. you are very kind! cheers, Debi

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  2. Beautiful, beautiful!! I have lots of favorites. The soft pink one with the canvas or burlap texture…amazing, the one with molding paste looks like an aerial view of some planet with snow capped mountains.

    Lunar Black Mountain I think you called it looks like a bird in flight to me. It’s so beautiful.

    Inspire Me, and Blue Waters are beautiful. Too many favorites!! 🙂

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    1. thank you for sharing those thoughts! I so enjoy how we each ‘see’ a subject in our own light. That in itself, is amazing to me. I find, many times one piece, one area, one note in a song … catches me. And pulls me.
      Reflections with its mulberry wine rich tones and swirling lines of lilac… draws me. like a magnet. so out of that grouping, thats the one for me. Thank you Deborah, for a lovely commentary on the work!! cheers, Debi

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    1. Nico, thank you! I’m so very pleased that the post provided some ideas that were fresh and different in a way. Its lovely to hear, to know that the content, the idea behind the post has been seen besides the visual images. Thanks!

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  3. It takes time to see a painting. I like that an abstract, or non-representational work (they’re ALL ‘abstract,’ when you get down to it)… gives little or nothing back at a glance. You can’t walk by and say to yourself, ‘nice waterfall.’ It refuses to be reduced to one of the ready made identity tags people hold in store to stick on the art–an act of dismissal, really.
    It takes time to actually SEE any work of art. And more than one viewing.
    Painting for me, is a retreat from words. I can appreciate works that are are rich with literary allusions, or symbolic puzzles (Van Eyck;s Arnolfini Wedding — an endless maze of riddles!) — but they are for another time, another age.
    Living, as I do, in this Empire of Money and Death–language is too deeply corrupted. Even much of the language of abstractions… but there, at least, I can offer my refusal to words. What that refusal means.. is for the viewer to figure out.

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    1. yes it does take time. something many, aren’t willing to ‘spend.’ I do think that it is in a sense an act of dismissal – the I can’t be bothered! and its true, we can’t be spending hours on each and every, tiny microcosm. but we’ve trained ourselves out of doing it at all in our rush, our haste, our busy-ness. Its labelled “laziness” to spend time on so called non productive, non monied endeavors. At any rate, Jacob – thank you for a very thought filled comment. Its appreciated. Cheers, Debi


  4. Wow! What a lovely varied array of artwork! Firstly – I love abstract art and I love your abstract watercolour – inspiring! I love collage too – I like the textures and pale colours in your collage! I love the Lunar Black Mountain and Craggy Mountain – lovely colours and textures. I’m off to Scotland in a few weeks so mountains interest me at the moment and I will be taking my watercolours with me… ! Ryans quails eggs are lovely too…. ! Lovely interesting work Debi!

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    1. oh my goodness, Scotland! I’m excited for you! I hope you do lots of posts about the trip 🙂 I’ve always wanted to go. What FUN! and thank you Evelyn for such kind thoughts too 🙂 cheers, Debi

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  5. Quiets the ‘negative, critical’ voice. <—- so true!
    I find it so relaxing that on several occasions I did abstract drip painting before bed.

    There are two creative goals for me this year one of which is to explore abstract more fully. I've really enjoyed it. I had to remind myself that I don't need to make a masterpiece, it's not about that. No one has to see it, but I do want to put forth the effort to learn about it and to practice several forms. I won't learn everything in a year but I have a feeling I won't drop my new found love. I've always enjoyed viewing abstract but it's new for me to sit and think about different types of abstract and to explore my emotional response to this varied creative force.

    Wonderful entry,

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  6. An abundance of wonderful work Debi. I feel like I am in a candy store and on a sugar high 🙂 I’ll have to take my time and enjoy each one slowly to do them all justice.

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    1. many thanks, Andrew. yes, sometimes posts have their own agendas. I start out with “just the one shot” but it progresses and evolves. I usually just Go with the flow and cross my fingers. I really will try to do a short post, next time! lol cheers, Debi

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  7. I loved this post Debi and find myself more and more interested in abstract art. Whenever I look at other abstract art I always seem to make sense of it in my own way – I think that is the beauty of it. Are their any books that you recommend on the subject or who is your inspiration?

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    1. Thank YOU!! you are very thoughtful I do appreciate that! hmm, no books… right off the top of my head; but Yes, inspirational artists are many! Dale Chihuly, Rothko, John Olsen, Toko Shinoda, Paul Jensen, Bridget Riley, Tony Smibert, Kandinsky, JW Turner …..and many more, maybe I should do a post one day 🙂

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