One painting – 3 views.

It never ceases to delight me how with just a simple little change – a subject can be significantly altered.

A tiny miracle within my grasp. I like it.



Watercolor Hills

view 1

I’ve always been rather partial to the square format.

impressionist watercolor landscape, outdoor painting hills, loose colorful landscapes,
Impressionist watercolor sketch 1



view 2




impressionist waqtercolor landscape sketches, watercolor outdoors,
Panoramic view 2



view 3

vertical format, this one looks interesting.


impressionist outdoor landscapes, watercolor painting outdoors, daniel smith indigo blue in landscape paintings,
Vertical Format, Watercolor landscape




Reference Subject was a small hillside will stubbly shrubs.

Grey greens and a creamy buff.

From which my mind’s eye made the leap to “Indigo” and “Buff Titanium” in Β Daniel Smith watercolors.

hillside in western australia,
The Hillside