You know, at first glance,  I just might think …. “oh, …. more yellow flowers.”

Well perhaps,  you do too!


But what IF, the Faces were something beyond the ordinary?

Beyond the standard, the traditional and the conventional shots?  Would that pique my interest?

Most definitely.

I’m in!

macro photography flowers, lily petals,
Beyond the Ordinary, the Lily

7 Flower Faces

I received a gorgeous bouquet of my favorite colored flowers the other day.

Wanting to make these yellow lovelies last, I took numerous photos. Most were plain, standard (yawn)…. shots.


But then I got my other lens out and played around with the macro.

The idea  then, was to try to present their faces to you in slightly different ways.

I enjoy the concept, of ‘faces.’  It hints of things behind the scene, underneath. Under the layers.

faces  of creativity 

faces of the day – watercolors 

beautiful faces of flowers 

 The 4th Face of the day Midnight 

canon 600d, macro photography, yellow lily photo, stamen close ups,
The Gathering



Yellow flowers:  roses, lilies, sunflowers.

We have seen them!  A million times.

Why should I bother showing you more of the same?



soft focus floral, macro abstract flower,
Inside the Void, soft focus


Non- Conventional

Why not try to do ‘fresh’ and non-conventional?

Try to do something Unique, creative, beyond ordinary.

Perhaps to allude to a mood. A story.

A feeling.

Abstracted and macro versions of the fresh faced yellow flowers.


rose petals unfolding, creative photography, macro flower photography,
Creativity Unfolds


Creative Art Tips – On for us all

  1. It doesn’t matter that I am not the world’s top photographer.
  2. It doesn’t matter that others do it better. 
  3. It doesn’t matter I might not succeed.
  4. It does matter that I simply try. 
  5. That I get my gear out
  6. And that I feel free to imagine and create.
  7. It matters that I try.
  8. It matters that I express what is within ….Me.
  9. It matters that I enjoy the Process.
  10. It matters that month by month, year by year I see evidence of progress in My art.



A challenge.

I’m in.



macro flower photography, creative photos, canon 600d, black and white photo,
infinity dreams ……





Flowers, oddly enough can share and teach us many things.  One of which is Gratitude and appreciation of the everyday things.

And on that note, I’m Thanking the gift giver for these lovely warm and chirpy flowers, they are so appreciated! As he is as well.


contrasts of light, texture, warm and cool, macro flower photography, creative and original art, being yourself, canon 600d,
Rising Contrasts



flower macro photography, yellow lily stamens close up, photography of nature,
Lily Stamens



I think my favorite was “Inside the Void, soft focus”  from the 7 Fresh Faces of Yellow Flowers.   

What,  were yours?