The Quiet Joy In Nature

creating a mood, conveying the atmosphere and feeling of the subject, forest photography,

In the forest.

There is more than meets the eye.

A bit of a zen stroll, a family excursion.

What, could be better? Care to join me?

creating a mood, conveying the atmosphere and feeling of the subject, forest photography,
Forest Peaceful Happiness


Forest  Light and Color

A lovely feeling is captured here….  In the forest.

Early Spring, still tipped with edges of coolness.

So Refreshing.


This photograph with all these lush layers, is one of the few snapshots I’m even tempted,  to actually paint from. That is a rare thing.


The enticing weave of branches.

All these overlapping layers of color.

The muted Spring light filtering through the trees and branches.

Creates a fabulously interwoven forest of enchantment.

Of Peaceful Happiness.   



Spring Magnolias

Early Spring sunshine lights these magnolias wonderfully.

Its a tucked away place just outside of Perth, Western Australia.

The inviting and peaceful Arulean gardens.

Our family was fortunate enough to go on a day the weather wasn’t too hot.

It was just right!




convey feelings in photography, nature, tulips, spring gardens,
A Quiet beauty……


Quietly in Nature

Still in the gardens.


Right at the edge of the forest, with the Spring light just barely touching the tulips’ tips.



It is a beautiful day.


A day filled with peace…. and a wonderful sense of quiet happiness.  




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17 thoughts on “The Quiet Joy In Nature

  1. All my favourites 🙂 Our zen stroll last weekend resulted in some similar images which you have stimulated me to post. Your sense of “peace…. and a wonderful sense of quiet happiness” expresses so perfectly the feelings we had too. Happy to hear your are able to stroll in the forest again with such joy.

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    1. thank you Andrew, I love sharing these scenes of serenity. Like…. little “pauses” we all need, through out the day. I’ll have to zip over now!

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    1. Deborah, I’m glad you enjoyed these too. I had a tough time selecting! The tulips… have that quiet serene loveliness that is so hard to resist. 🙂 it was, a lucky shot.

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