Enjoying Cobalt Teal Blue

experimental watercolors, Daniel Smith cobalt teal blue, creative fun with textures, debiriley.com

It is a happy color,  Cobalt Teal Blue.

Not in an over the top kind of way, but in the way that just makes you feel ….. content.

I missed it.   It was time to get up, get busy,  and get out the CTB.

Lets just see what it can do!


experimental watercolors, Daniel Smith cobalt teal blue, creative fun with textures, debiriley.com
Layers of Cobalt Teal Blue over Impasto gel


Enjoying Cobalt Teal Blue

Enjoyment. A feeling of quiet happiness.

That’s  what this CTB  seems to always bring out.


It doesn’t matter if its on regular watercolor paper and I’m creating impressionist landscapes or on a textured up  (impasto) paper and I’m  creating abstracts;  Cobalt Teal Blue never fails to entice and excite.

Even when an artwork really doesn’t work,  I still end up admiring the loveliness of the cobalt teal.

That is such a good positive note.



I’ve recently wondered what it is specifically about Cobalt Teal Blue that draws me so.

Is it the cool zen, refreshing quality?  Maybe its the hint of tropical waters with the holiday vibe?

Could it be the calm serenity it seems to impart each time I use it?

And why, would any of those things matter?

The artist within is Curious.  And thinks, and wonders, and asks why.   I was one of “Those” in the classrooms. Sorry!




Materials for the Featured Work


The chosen materials were 2 watercolor paints – (Daniel Smith) Cobalt Teal Blue  and Prussian Blue (Venezia.)

A limited palette goes far, and does much to help with achieving improved tonal values.  At least we will most likely get Lights, Mid tones, and the deep Darks.  Those 3 that are critical for a 3D look to the work.



For the surface,  I chose an old watercolor painting on paper that I gessoed over.



Then I put impasto gel medium over top the dry gesso with a palette knife.

The palette knife application helped to give it delightful textures for the paints to sink into.

Letting this dry was critical.


My Paint application was simply using a fully saturated brush, my Rekab,  to introduce the Prussian blue pb27  and the CTB to the damp paper.

I left large areas alone, as you can see, to keep the lights from being taken over and ruined.



Impasto Gel Technique

This Technique, impasto with watercolor is fun, happy and so exciting.   Beginners will like it because at any stage, if you don’t like it, you rinse it off!  Mixed media artists will like it as it can be used with watercolors, acrylics, inks and is a great way to create strong texture.

Creative watercolorists will adore it.






Other CTB paintings … you might like


MaryEllen Fern    Watercolors     

HOW:   With a Splash of  a Color!

then drawing a loose bold impression of a leaf/fern over top to create a contemporary decorative vibe,

accented with that lovely white space.

You could just as easily, splash orange, red,  or purple.  And draw trees, cabins, florals, vases, etc.

Whatever suits YOU.

I included this one, to stir your imaginations.

Maybe you can do something in a similar vein. Not to copy the same thing, but use the Technique and create something “You!”

fern design watercolor, fern abstract art, zen painting, debiriley.com
Splash of Color! and marker over top…..  fun, fast, freeing




“From the Beach”  using CTB only.     (image below)  and seen previously.

This…. Believe it or not, was a huge challenge to accomplish.

A full sheet 22×30″ on Fabriano Rough paper.  

Using a pigment that settles. Granulates ….. so fast, so easy.  Wow.   If you’ve ever tried to execute smooth even transitions of a Graded Wash using a Granulating paint, you know the quandary.

And you can appreciate also, the larger size magnified the challenge immensely.


At any rate,  what I wanted to achieve here was the sensation of being at the beach, standing in a small eddy, at the edge of tropical waters.  Just as a small wave comes in.  Then looking out, as it recedes further away from shore.   In a Rothko approach!

Cobalt Teal Blue Pb50 debiriley.com
From the Beach –    Simply,  cobalt teal blue



You have seen the Fern and The Beach in the past.  But,  they had something more to give, more to say.  Especially so, on this topic of Cobalt Teal Blue.

1.  Granulating Pigments can be a challenge to create smooth, even graded washes.

2.  Splashes….. can be turned into creative, decorative designs, if we free our imaginations.

3. Limited Palettes  can be extremely powerful and effective.


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  1. OHHHHHH! Debi! Your first painting I could look at ALL day! I absolutely love cobalt blue. LOVE what you are creating these days! Thank you so much for sharing! ❤

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    1. awesome that is great, thank you! glad you like it amy!!
      and whew! its nice to hear you are enjoying the posts – its been so crazy, sporadic the past 2-3 months compared to last year. Thank YOU.

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      1. Ditto on my part, Debi. I just don’t seem able to get into a regular rhythm right now cause life is just walloping along and sweeping me along!!! (((HUGS))) ❤

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    1. and I casually glance to Rothko’s latest piece as he shows me and say, “hmm, perhaps just a bit of a softer edge on the perimeter Mark?”
      No, Andrew… can’t see that. LOL

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