Drawing… upon the child within

draw like a child, creative drawing, drawing with creativity and imagination, debiriley.com


Maybe its as easy, as simple as drawing like a child again.  The pure unfettered self expressive freedom a child unleashes while drawing and creating is a joy to watch.

I believe I received just as much happiness from the watching as my granddaughter did as she created this.

Unfettered by rules, by expectations, by popular demands.

Yes, that is what art means….. for me.  And is what I encourage with such enthusiasm.



draw like a child, creative drawing, drawing with creativity and imagination, debiriley.com
Draw Like A Child…. free, expressive. happy!



Draw Like A Child

Draw like a child…. free of fear.


Picasso knew a bit about returning to the enchantment of childhood in order to create from within.


Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.



Its this,  drawing like a child, creating from within,  that is our True North.



The Story Line


once upon a time, when we first beheld the world

through our childhood eyes –


and the world was lovely

and we were happy


with the joy of a crayon in hand

we scrawled big splashes across the pages

as our mothers

proudly smiled with encouragement

and enthusiasm



but then we went to school

we learned to stay in the lines


we learned that the sky


the grass WAS GREEN


we learned there were

no dragons, no easter bunnies, no santas, no angels, no knights


we learned our ABC’s

and about those frightening  F’s



we went to work

and learned to toe the line


to cease our daydreaming,

to always pay attention

to The Bottom Line



we learned there were bills to pay,

family to feed,

and there was never enough  time



then if we were fortunate,

we retired



we dusted off the old brushes,

took out the faded paints and charcoals


and wondered….


did all our freedom go,

what happened to our creativity



why did the magic disappear?



The Artist Within – Hope, Encouragement, Freedom

This is the story line, over and over, of so many people who come to art classes.

I felt compelled to try to put their stories into words for all of us. To examine the issue closer.


It is not a case of “not being talented” or gifted.

It is not about “being no good”  as I’ve heard as well.


It is I think,  more like we need some word of hope, of encouragement from someone to get us started on our journeys.

Plus,  we Do need to throw out ‘perfection’ and return to a more childlike creative state.



See – Burn – Free 

When we return to looking, to seeing with our child’s eye, our imaginations and creativity will be restored to us.

When we toss away the school master’s lecture notes and burn them for the illusion they are;

we free our Imaginations.


“perfection is an illusion.”

Merely …..  a convenient measuring stick which others can be graded by,  judged by, monitored, labelled and dismissed by.



I so agree.

(Unless…..  you are a surgeon. or in another life and death profession.  then I advocate as much perfection as is possible. please.)

The world doesn’t require abstract expressionist surgeons.




But I believe it does need us to once again see the magic.

To see the dragons, santas, angels, bunnies and knights.

Even if they are only within our enchanted imaginations.




A warm thank you to  Andrew Seal at  thechangingpalette.com  for his humorous  “abstract expressionist surgeon”  phrase.  I found it wonderful, funny & handy!  Plus, if you check out his website – you’ll discover not only humor in his posts, but some of the most expressive work with ink, pen and brush.  Ink work that is not tight,  nor stiff at all.  But very free and gestural, with lovely rhythm.   the changingpalette.com


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32 thoughts on “Drawing… upon the child within

    1. thank you Karen, I appreciate that and am happy that you enjoyed the post! my granddaughter was the artist of the day with the charcoals and pastels – it was really enjoyable just watching 🙂 cheers, Debi

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    1. goodness, charcoal and pastels…. my word they are MESSY! geesh. But, their upside, is just so awesome that really no other drawing media works quite as well. as expressive.
      anyway – I totally give up, gave up on figuring out award stuff. my mind, just wasn’t savvy there. sadly. I know! every one else…. says its all easy. I just moved on rather than being frustrated for days. 🙂

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  1. A lovely post – I love that quote from Pablo Picasso, it’s so true! Children are fearless when it comes to art, they have wonderfully wild imaginations and have no conception of rules to inhibit them. We can learn a lot from them… !

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    1. one of the few Jacob!
      and I bet you ‘got in trouble at school/home for it too. as one does, when we Question the Authorities and powers that Be!! I did follow the rules…. mostly. even while thinking the rules were most certainly incorrect, inadequate and self serving to those in charge. But, obeying was better than the alternative on some occasions. Definitely. 🙂


  2. Love it! I do agree, School has a lot to do with this tendency we have to think we all have to live our lives and do art ‘by the rules’ ~ Creativity knows no such bounds! 🙂

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      1. I don’t know about you, but, I was always that child who had a little voice inside that always wanted to do the opposite of what the teacher was telling me! 🙂

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    1. thank you Charlie, I’m thrilled you enjoyed this!! I think we both agree that in many things “rules” are just nonsense. Can see you as a young boy with your big box of crayons….. now that, is Happiness! cheers, Debi

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  3. What can I say Debi? I was reading through each lovely line, slowly, thinking how every single word was resonating, from “watching my granddaughter” to “throwing out perfection”. Then I came to the line about “abstract expressionist surgeons” and thought, “now where have I heard that before?” And then I reached your lovely final paragraph, so generous and warm and encouraging, which really describes everything about who you are. Saying thank you doesn’t seem enough, but we know each other well enough for you to know how much your words are always so very much appreciated. With warmest wishes…Andrew

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    1. I’m so pleased you enjoyed this Andrew! I needed to acknowledge where I got that wonderful phrase from. And…. its such a wacky, quirky visual. Yes, I Had to use it!
      Thank you for your thoughts and warm wishes, they do make a difference. Cheers, and have fun with the camellias!!

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