I adore the textures etched into this weathered dying leaf.

Lines upon lines, filled with a treasure of textures.

I nearly passed it by.

But something made me stop and turn back.

Fortune Smiled.


monochrome madness, macro photography, leaf textures, sepia photography, Wabi Sabi art photography, debiriley.com
The Leaf …… glorious textures



The Leaf


in monochrome.

Warmed with a soft sienna tone.

Hinting at the life lived;

Now fading slowly

Back to earth.



“The Leaf” ย is a beautiful example I think, ย of Wabi Sabi.




For the curious, I used my old Canon 600d with a Canon 100mm macro lens 2.8L

The shutter speed was at 1/200 ย the fstop at f5.6 and the ISO at 100

Fortune Smiled.