Skies Above

landscape in oils, contemporary oil painting, abstract in ocean blue, cerulean sky blue,

Very Simple… in design.  Full of Atmosphere and dialogue.

I find it calming, serene and relaxing to look upon.

Relaxing. With just the merest hint of energy in the deep waters, to prevent any boredom from setting in.


landscape in oils, contemporary oil painting, abstract in ocean blue, cerulean sky blue,
Skies above, oil painting


Skies Above

I wonder.  If more of us painted, more of us drew, more of us tended our gardens, more of us wrote poems and stories, if more of us Created from the artist within….  wouldn’t  it all  be a much better world.


I look at the skies above

and wonder.





The Process of the Painting

For Skies Above, I used a canvas with an pale lilac undercoat, painted beforehand.

Choosing a Cool dominant theme. Giving the sky a higher ratio of space in the painting, about 2/3 roughly.

I thought this would assist in the communication of   “skies and looking Up at wide open spaces.”


My oil paints in blues were indigo, prussian, cerulean, ultramarine… mixing them together as needed.

White was required for balance and for tonal contrasts, and depth.

I allowed some of the pale lilac undercoat to be revealed.

These hints and glimmers, add to the depth of the painting.

I chose, to have the deepest most intense dark at the lower left corner.

As if, we are there and then our eyes  are swept up to the horizon and further, up into the cerulean & lilac sky.

I made choices.




The Masters knew.
  • Tell a story.
  • Make each brushstroke count.
  • Don’t waste effort.
  • Don’t fiddle about.
  • Know what you want to communicate, then set about to do so.


acrylic ocean 1 brushstroke
The Ocean….with  1 brushstroke (from Banish Boring Brushstrokes 2) 


The Masters made choices.

We can learn from the Masters. We  certainly can choose to use that knowledge to improve our own, unique and original paintings.

We can practice until we improve!



The Masters knew…………

Banish Boring Brushstrokes,  make every brushstroke count!  


Banish Boring Brushstrokes 3 Tips  Part I    


to dream of skies 






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