Walking in the Green Woods (Daniel Smith Watercolors)

painting in the forest, walking in nature, painting trees and forest greens, painting with Daniel Smith watercolors, debiriley.com

How much fun can you have – just walking in the green woods?


painting in the forest, walking in nature, painting trees and forest greens, painting with Daniel Smith watercolors, debiriley.com
Walking in the Green Forest… endless fun


or just splashing and mixing paints?



I had endless  fun. Both during my short walk and after, while creating these pretty little foliage green mixes.



painting landscapes with Daniel Smith watercolor greens, walking to fill the well, painting nature, foliage greens, meditative art, debiriley.com
The Greens of the Woods,  Daniel Smith watercolor greens


With only a few brief moments to play,   I decided to go ahead and run with it anyway.

I just felt the need to get out the greens and mix!



Forest Greens

Endlessly Fascinating.



I really don’t know how it is possible to become bored …. not with all nature’s treasures around us.

Nor with all these paints waiting to be mixed.


Colors splashing in a rush,

upon the paper

creating intricate


in greens, lilacs, blues and fresh citrus lemon.


zoisite, emerald, green apatite, serpentine, sleeping beauty turqoise Daniel Smith watercolors, painting landscapes, debiriley.com
Zoisite, Emerald, Green Apatite watercolor greens


Color Mixing 

Not everyone is as passionate about color and mixing as I am.

For many, there must be a product.


For me,  This Is  the product.

The process is the product.

My enjoyment and relaxation,  is the purpose.



And so, to me,  this is the end result.

I didn’t have a burning requirement to ‘do a picture and get it hung up for viewing’  as my goal.

As time goes on, I’m much more motivated to paint and create simply for my own amusement. My own relaxation and enjoyment…. than someone else’s smile and nod.




My objective was to become immersed in the colors.

Just as I was immersed in the  greens of the forest.




The walking in the green woods……


fun in the forest, walking in nature, creative photography of trees and parks, debiriley.com
Forest Adventures  …  debiriley.com (c) 2017


There is so much to see out in these walks.

I never know if I might find a pond, or a bird.   Or sunlight filtering magically through the trees.

It is always a little mini adventure with these Zen Strolls.





What I might discover this time.


Paintings and Photographs of zen greens and zen forest walks.       Come into the forest with me……. 

Tiny people, giant trees, forest in WA, debiriley.com
Green Woods of Denmark


watercolor outdoor painting, plein air watercolor tips, watercolor greens, debiriley.com
Watercolor Forest,  Tigers Eye & SB Turquoise



green tree grove, Waiting on a Friend debiriley.com
Green Grove….Waiting On A Friend



Forest grove, Daniel Smith watercolors, Green Apatite Daniel Smith, Cobalt Teal blue pg50 Daniel Smith, Zoisite green, Pool Forest Edge Inspiration, watercolors, debiriley.com
Forest Grove, Daniel Smith watercolors



Zen Greens in King's Park, Perth WA, debi riley abstract art, debiriley.com
Forest Zen Greens …reflected into the pond


Daniel Smith watercolors foliage greens, Zoisite and Apatite watercolors, foliage green mixes, debiriley.com
Zoisite and Apatite watercolors debiriley.com


Blue Heron, stream, photograph, debiriley.com
Forest Edge,  the Blue Heron Stills



About the Daniel Smith Watercolor Greens

Zoisite –  a FAV!  love this one. its a greyed off green, perfect for distant hills.  this color creates great textures

Amazonite – lovely blue green with fabulous clarity and mixing abilities, great for water

Serpentine – an Australian found green pigment, green yellow and granulates a bit

Green Apatite – from bright yellow green to midtones, it is a wonderful mixer with zoisite green

Tigers Eye – a green/brown color with granulation properties  that mixes with green apatite well

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise – a pale cool blue green that makes lovely seas and tropical scenes

Diopside Genuine  – known as Russian Emerald, it is a rich and deep green. Sometimes in dilute washes hints of earth are seen settling into the paper.





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22 thoughts on “Walking in the Green Woods (Daniel Smith Watercolors)

  1. Love the paintings and photos and the walk through the green forest, love!!! But now I want to know if you and Daniel Smith have teamed up to goad me into purchasing more of their colors? I have been keeping an eye on several of those greens, tempted but resisting, barely. Now you have to go and dangle the carrots in front of my nose! You make simplicity look golden, and it is, isn’t it?

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  2. Hi Deb

    I’m currently in Tasmania before heading northwards home. I love the colours in this tail-end of Australia- such contrasting vibrancy. I’m loving your inspiration & am now keen to keep experimenting. I live in Qld & wondered where you are to be found. My mobile is 0477321341 if you want to contact me. I’d love to meet you some day.

    Kindest regards Lynette Neil

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    1. hi Lynette, glad to see you are enjoying the website and find it of interest! we live in Perth, WA where I teach art classes at Atwell Gallery. we did live in Sydney for 12 years til we moved out west. QLD is a lovely state!


    1. thank You Evelyn! sorry for the delay, was a bit under the weather, better today. I’m happy you enjoyed walking the forest with me! lol cheers, Debi


  3. I love your zen walks-you encourage me to enjoy the same. And as Margaret Parker Brown says you are “dangling carrots” in front of us as you describe these Daniel Smith colours. These i shall have to resist for the moment but, I love the watercolor forests particularly Teal Pool and that must be S B Turquoise.

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    1. Holly, resisting is good!
      I’d prob say only the zoisite is a ‘must have’ of those; the others esp SB turquoise (pretty but VERY expensive) ! and thanks Holly for sharing your thoughts ! cheers, Debi

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