Fine Forest Finds

lichen tree photograph, nature walks, creative art journal,

Silly Saturday!

From walking in the woods to fine forest finds, such lovely discoveries were made.

Yesterday’s playful Daniel Smith watercolor mixings was so Fun!

Looking at these patterns and colors of the bark and lichen – can You – come up with  “Color Recipes” to emulate?


lichen tree photograph, nature walks, creative art journal,
Forest Find…silly saturday



Why don’t you give it a bash?

Have some fun, be silly.


It is Saturday.

And… its time for a Silly Saturday!


zen stroll, nature walk, tree and lichen, photography,
lichen on the bark, zen stroll




color springboard ideas you might use to get you started:



zoisite, emerald, green apatite, serpentine, sleeping beauty turqoise Daniel Smith watercolors, painting landscapes,
Zoisite, Emerald, Green Apatite watercolor greens



mixing Naples Yellow, color mixing greens for beginners,
Naples Yellow Daniel Smith and Phalo blue




watercolor collage abstract in green, Bamboo Zen, wabi sabi,
amazonite, green apatite, serpentine, hematite



watercolor washes, beginners painting tips,
Watercolor Washes,  ultramarine + rose;    quinacridone gold + ultramarine;   ultramarine +quinacridone gold



stainer watercolors
lunar black, prussian blue, phalo green, quinacridone sienna


The  watercolor paint, Lunar Black has multiple possibilities.   I love this paint.

It is extremely useful mixed with others to create Textures!

Lunar Black   

Prussian blue 







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13 thoughts on “Fine Forest Finds

    1. Anyushka! I didn’t forget! just was under the weather…. anyway, thank you! and it makes me glad that you also enjoyed the Forest with me!! cheers, Debi

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  1. The one that starts with amazonite, green apatite is my favorite. I love things that hang. Things that hang or drip long tell me that there is more road ahead, there’s more to come.
    Streams and flowing things remind me to step step lightly, to breathe.
    Yesterday on my nature walk I touched the trees,
    I had to.
    Moss grew emerald green across bark, who knows how old.
    Red buttons popped up here and there
    Tiny purple flowers showed their faces and
    branches reached so far out I was compelled to reach back;
    even complex root systems made room for me.
    Yesterday on my nature walk I laughed with the trees.
    I was truly alive. Yes, I was alive.

    Faith Austin

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    1. hi Faith, you do what I do…. feel the textures and the Life, of the things outdoors! thank you for sharing your thoughts – I always love hearing what people think and feel, after reading the posts. sorry for the delay, I’d been a bit under the weather for a while! Cheers, Debi

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