Untamed (watercolors)

cobalt teal blue pg50, semi abstract landscape, watercolors with a palette knife, untamed landscape of hills and foliage, free and loose painting, debiriley.com



cobalt teal blue pg50, semi abstract landscape, watercolors with a palette knife, untamed landscape of hills and foliage, free and loose painting, debiriley.com
Untamed Watercolors, semi abstract landscape with knife


Inspired by nature

A work that evolved from my numerous zen strolls, climbing little knolls dotted with sage and olive green shrubbery.  Enjoying the sea breezes, freedom and fresh air.






The Complexities of Simplicity


Seemingly so simple.

Yet more complex in its pre-planning and the execution.



Demanding, a letting go.

Demanding, an acceptance of the risks to be taken.

Demanding, a full immersion and enjoyment of the physical process of painting.




It looks like anyone, could do it.

And maybe so….

If you can use the palette knife so free & loose and without Fiddling about;  then I am excited for you!

But, apparently this is much harder to accomplish, to get, than it looks at first glance.

Why?  I think,  its because of nerves and perfectionism.  Get rid of those 2 things and it is easy.




The Painting:

  • I didn’t use a brush
  • I used a loaded up palette knife
  • on damp 100% cotton Cold Press Fabriano paper
  • I used a limited palette,  ie less is more
  • cobalt teal blue, Of Course!
  • one go,  free and easy
  • absolutely   -0-  fiddling
  • I partnered up with the paper, paint& knife
  • Making friends, working with them, makes it easy
  • Thinking of Toko Shinoda
  • Painting with clarity, focus, purpose and calm




Partnering Posts to Read –

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tame the dragon of “perfectionism”   ….. a must read!

Toko Shinoda    





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22 thoughts on “Untamed (watercolors)

    1. thank you Caroline!
      yes. honestly, I think, we have enough…. worries out there. art needs to be where we can just let loose and relax in a enjoyable activity.

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    1. thank you so much Michael! it is a challenge for beginners at first, to try. it is NOT a brush – but it is so much more! once you get in harmony with it. Well, for loose and free, Wild and expressive types of work. LOL

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  1. First I saw a sand dune, but then it slowly turned into a lizard-like creature with a big blue eye surfing and surging out of the ocean from right to left to become that sand dune. Do you see its mouth on the left of the page? Just a line, but that’s all it needed to go with the eye. It’s a very active creature. (Now you’re going to think I’m nuts, but that’s what I see.) You’ve heard of a “Lounge Lizard.” Well, this is a “LUNGE Lizard.”

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      1. thank you, its lovely to have you share your thoughts and I’m happy you enjoyed this. the palette knife, as you may have detected from many of my posts, is probably my #1 fav way to create with.
        pk108 is ultra sensitive and enables me to convey mood and gesture, atmosphere……. beautifully. I love it!


    1. thanks Anneli for sharing!! and no, not nuts – artistically creative and imaginative!! which is Lovely, it is this aspect that keeps us ‘engaged’ in life and in seeing beauty all around.

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    1. my many, thanks Jodi! I loved the doing of this one. mind… I also was doing about 5 more that day too LOL super fun. what more, do we need! (besides catching up, on everyone’s posts!)

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  2. I first saw watercolor applied with a palette knife in a painting titled “the night the Moon fell” that won a place in the NBMAA Nor-easter exhibition. I’ve experimented myself a little and now you’ve inspired me to to do more with the idea.I guess I’ll have to get some cobalt teal blue-your favorite- And what is the brown ? Is it sepia, or Vandyke, or…?

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    1. burnt sienna with ultramarine creates lovely chocolates!! so lovely. that would be a great palette, right there, in itself as #1, then @ #2 add winsor lemon…
      the paper – must not be drying nor too sloppy Wet!
      ** the pressure on the knife, nil…. it is as if you are ‘just kissing’ the knife’s blade to the uppermost surface of the paper.

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    1. hi Nancie, I’m glad you enjoyed this! thank you!
      this palette knife is really my fav tool. it makes me think, plan, focus, relax and calmly ‘kiss’ the paper with the knife’s edge. and then watch. as all those colors melt into hills and foliage and rocks. it is lovely! cheers, Debi

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    1. Thank YOU! so pleased that you have enjoyed this free and loose palette knife painting. It was so enjoyable to do. 🙂
      cheers, Debi


    1. Glad you enjoyed this!
      and, that is so very kind of you, Thank YOU!! and to be honest, some work – some don’t! this one, luckily worked alright 🙂 cheers, Debi


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