Spring: Hold on and Believe

Spring arrives, pink magnolia in spring photograph, debiriley.com

Spring. Spring is a rush of underground energy.  Full of feeling.  Full of things yet untapped and yet unseen.


“The sun just touched the morning;

The morning,  happy thing,

Supposed that he had come to dwell,

and life would be all Spring.”

Emily  Dickinson




Spring arrives, pink magnolia in spring photograph, debiriley.com
Believe Spring


Heralds of Spring

Long dreary months! Some of you aren’t seeing an immediate relief from winter’s cold hand even though its near the end of March.

But, hold on.

Believe in Spring!



How tedious those months are.

And, even though, having grown up in the Pacific Northwest,  I’m not fond of the long and cold days stretching into grey drizzling infinity.

Statistics I found show on average there is roughly:   about 228 overcast cloudy and rainy days in the Olympia Seattle region.

With about 136 days of  where the sun might peek out from the clouds, either as partly sunny days or full sun…. on average.



I waited those months and weeks out.

Looked for ‘Spring Signs.’

Hunted for tiny little signals that Spring really was underway.

That Spring,  just was being camouflaged a wee bit.



A robin,  a bee, a greening of a tree bud.

Any thing.

Would tide me over.

Would keep me believing, Until the sun would shine and summer truly rose.



spring purple iris, dark forest background, waiting for spring, debiriley.com
Spring Iris, Forest background





Images to  convey content

Mood, Spirit, Essence, Feeling


I chose these 2 photos, not for their brilliance and magnificence.

Indeed I struggled to make them look even,  just ok.



But they had the Spirit, the  essence I needed for this post.

The essence of Winter, just leaving and Spring just barely emerging.

It was the spirit I needed most.


They both, are wonderful Heralds of Spring.



The rising Magnolias on their lone branch, set against the cool sky with the distant trees’  some with bared branches – it speaks of Winter not long past.

The morning sun kissed iris:  with foliage of cool lemon yellow,  and that ever so cold  & dark forest background.

Tells us that Spring has just set her touch upon the land.




it is Spring, hold on and believe


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    1. same for you & thank you so much A! with the cooler weather and hip so much better, my zen strolls will be more frequent certainly. cheers, peace, love and joy too, Debi

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