Many are silently wondering, “Is it, Spring Yet”?!   Soon……. I’m sure if you go investigate outdoors you’ll see plenty of small signs that tell you Spring has indeed begun.

Even if,  there’s been a late storm and cold snap to delay the main event another week or so.


I’m sitting in the Southern Hemisphere.

The last day of Summer has passed.  I’m so very Relieved.  The final day of TDH.

I’m sure I wouldn’t care for  the  -20 degrees and ice storms either.  But,  I assure you, I look forward  to 8 months of tolerable weather.

Which means, more Zen Strolls!



This lush lavender flower was taken on a Zen Stroll, my daughter and I. The Spring Gardens, brilliant.

I won’t take any credit for the photography. But I will take a wee bit for the wonderful daughter, of course!


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I absolutely adore this photo!  ….. wish I’d have taken it!   No,  I take that back!!

I’m glad someone else did  –  and will be encouraged by her beautiful image and any sales that may be.



Me.  Never really a “Purple”  fan, but this one makes me willing to broaden my horizons.






Is it, Spring Yet?!!