Color, color, color…. and memories!

My  10 day adventure to The Flinders Ranges, 1993 was long ago,  but in my mind –  it seems more like just a year or two.


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Colors of the Flinders Ranges (c)


Flinders – Filled with Color!

I can recall the landscape, textures, heat, wind, flies, storms and all those bold,  glorious colors instantly.  Its been etched in.

The sunset colors of naples yellow, mountains of lilac,  tree foliage of silver and cobalt teal, earth the color of rust and amber.

My word, I was spell bound.




The Trip

The art trip by bus, was organised by a Melbourne group,  ‘friends of friends.’  This was a first for me, never having travelled by ‘bus’ before.  I learned a lot.


The leader, an older woman had ashes to scatter in the mountains. Her artist/teacher husband always loved to camp and paint the Flinders when he was alive. The ashes were peacefully and beautifully scattered in a lovely natural setting.

The wind captured the dust and carried it up and away.

I thought this was going to be morbid, so I almost chose not to go on the art trip at all.  I bucked up and went.  Trip of a lifetime and I knew it!

But it wasn’t ‘morbid’,  not at all.



Immersed into the Subject

I took hundreds of photos and dozens of fast color studies and sketches. But mostly, all I wanted to do was to immerse myself into the landscape so deeply that I’d always remember it.  I walked more than the others, even in the stifling heat. With the crazed hordes of mean flies.


You may ask to see the reference photo for my painting.

I didn’t use one.

I closed my eyes for awhile;  and remembered.  I know that I didn’t document an exact location ie the corner of Gum road and Sage drive, right next to Dogleg Bluff.



That’s not my thing.   I want…….  Color.

I want ……. Feeling!

Thats all.  Thats really all I need from my work.





The Painting


This is done in artist quality oils, painted on oil paper.

I used naples yellow, white, quinacridone gold,  permanent rose, ultramarine,  cobalt teal blue.


I wonder if you can tell me where I ‘broke’ the rules…. and why?!

Many of you have been reading my posts for awhile, and will see a couple of things in this painting that does not follow the general guidelines I outline.  Can you spot them?



Let it go – and enjoy

I enjoy this color filled impressionist painting of the Flinders Ranges.

I loved being there.  I loved painting it.

Its not a masterpiece, a perfect painting.  Thats ok.

I enjoy the looking at it.


We don’t need for something to be perfect,   or to behave,   or to do what we had in mind for it to do – in order to enjoy it as it is.   So I have discovered.




*And Readers,   Thank You for reading.  For following, for sharing & caring.  I am grateful.