The Truth, in Aristotle’s Words

Aristotle, the inward significance of art, convey the mood and meaning in paintings and photos,

I went out yesterday morning meaning to go for a short, zen stroll.  Fresh air, to clear the mind and sooth and relax.  But as things progressed, thats not what happened. I had a very hard hike.

With these 3 images and their story, I’ll share how the words of Aristotle – changes our art.

nature walks, zen, choppy waters, monochrome,
The Winds Stir the Waters, …from a zen walk


The Hike, not a stroll

With my heart and mind on other matters, my feet took many turns – and then I ended up far, far from home. With a very sore hip.  A hike indeed. I’m sure its good old fashioned weight bearing exercise “good for the bones.”

Yes, lemonade from lemons.

Clarity,  in part has been granted. While the soreness lingers.


Aristotle, the inward significance of art, convey the mood and meaning in paintings and photos,
Aristotle, the inward significance of art


So the “Hike” has served a useful purpose.

You know, of course, I don’t go on strolls without my camera.  My photographs have recorded so many things from this Hike.

Not really just the outward things of nature, but a deeper inward symbolic meaning.  Especially the very last, at the park. The meaning of which must be… for another post.


creative photography, conveying the mood and feeling, deliberate camera blur, landscape summers ending,
The Dreamland  – soft moss lawn and gold drops of foliage



The Hike – Image #1

In the first photograph, the wild winds were hitting the water. Dashing it from one side to another. With a dark indigo blackness that seethed, the water churned and chopped. Ahhh….. you get the drift here.



Image #2

The second image with Aristotle’s words.  Isn’t there so many layers to this one?

Can you see the elements, touching and reacting. The bright yellow green leaves being touched tenuously by the withered twig. Just barely.  So nearly, not.   And looking further into the back. That shape. The sphinx-like face that gazes out, to the left, far away to somewhere else.


Image #3

The third is the Landscape of golden tipped trees.

Well, its my fav of the 3 images.  I deliberately created camera blur effects for a dreamier appearance.

A Dreamland.

Soft and golden with pale moss lawn.

The gold drops of foliage…. falling down. Like teardrops. Haunting and yet enchanting.


*also,  this image does tie in with my last color mixing post with Naples Yellow. I could so easily mix all the colors seen from the paints I’d listed.





In each of these 3 images, the inward significance is far greater than that first glance, exterior appearance of beauty or prettiness.



Most artists would not go into much detail, explaining the image or content.


Why, would I?  Only because I am a teacher.

And after all these years, I know the questions are there for so many.

And would remain unasked.  The images and artworks to remain unresolved mysteries. Or guesses.  I’ve made it my purpose, to try to take a lot of the guesswork out. To make art easier to understand.



Blurred images and abstractions do not need to remain ‘mysterious’ – I think I can explain, in part, mine at least.

  • Blurring helps to create depth, distance, perspective.
  • It helps to lead and guide the eye in.
  • Also….. it creates a soft and dreamy, welcoming mood. A Dreamscape.
  • Whereas, hard, sharp choppy edges – serve to draw the eye right there.
  • Riveting there on that spot and staying right there.
  • Not taking the viewer through the artwork.
  • Those hard sharp edges can tend to be quite  ‘pokey,’  abrasive.
  • Like swords pointed at you. Making you want to …. stay away.



Aristotle’s words about digging deep, to show the inward aspects truly resonates with me.



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    1. if you are like me, just a little….. then it is usually a step forward – pause – and then step back, 2 steps forward, another pause… and so it goes.
      those pauses, plateaus can be also frustrating let me tell you! 🙂

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  1. A wonderful post Debi – “soft and dreamy edges” – it’s the impressionist in you that I love so much as it’s something we both share. Hope that hip is OK after your hike.

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    1. thank you so much Andrew.
      (I’m still chuckling from your hilarious prior comment)
      The hip is grumpy. But of course is much better today. It was my fault for not paying attention to the streets I was on.

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