Utterly Breathtaking…

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Utterly breathtaking….

thechangingpalette.com – the COLORS of nature are like brilliant jewels upon the land.

You do not want to miss seeing all of these exceptional images in this Shared post!

Emerald, Cobalt, Indigo, Ultramarine, Amethyst, Garnet – Glorious!

With the popularity of The Road Taken, my submission to this week’s Photo Challenge from Krista, here are a few more images of the breathtaking Arizona Landscape that is Glen Canyon taken on a memorable late afternoon in April 2015.

via WPC: The Road Taken: Part 2 — thechangingpalette



I’m positive, you’ll be thrilled to see these breathtaking landscapes!

Go have a look.

What a fabulous artist and photographer, Andrew Seal at…..




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13 thoughts on “Utterly Breathtaking…

  1. I am deeply touched and profoundly grateful for your lovely words Debi particularly as they come from someone whose art and teaching inspires me and so many others each and every day. I know all your followers will agree with me when I say that your “Creative Zone for Making Art” is one of the crown jewels of the blogosphere. With my thanks and warmest good wishes as always…Andrew

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    1. absolutely my pleasure; these images…. you made me Feel… like I was there.
      I’m grateful for your words Andrew, and as said before, for your continued support of my website since its early and shaky beginnings! 🙂

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    1. Andrew Seal’s photography of Arizona, all those shots in his post, were too good, to not share around with other color ‘holics’ LOL I only grabbed one, to feature…. but the rest are so brilliant that yes – they are a tonic for grey days 🙂
      thank you, for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate it. cheers, Debi

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  2. A full spectrum indeed. Nature always surprises and so often in the mind it is hard to recall the reality of a memory….what would we do without photography to remind us. 🙂

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