Lakes, Rivers, Oceans

painting water, NT australia oasis greens,

Water cool and inviting.  Tantalising.

Tumbling rapids,  still waters, wild seas frothing, tropical waters of paradise, meandering rivers and lovely lakes in reflection.

These beautiful blues and greens, and colors in between delight the eye and refresh the soul.

This week’s topic for  our class is “all things of water.”  We are working with the Blues and what better subject than Water!

The paintings and reference photographs demonstrate many of color’s wonderful pairings.  You’ve no doubt seen a few  of these images. But not, in a collection presented with a ‘partnering’ reference photo.

rock pools, watercolor painting, The cliffs, Ricks cafe, negril,
The Cliffs, Rick’s Cafe Negril watercolor  teal water warm rocks 


cobalt teal blue pg50, paints, ocean beach photo,
Cobalt Teal At The Beach,  warm red distant hills


Watercolor Blues


pairing 2

water reflections, acrylic painting,
water reflections  acrylics


river water reflections, photograph,
Pages River Reflections

Similar and United

Can you see similarities of mood, of colors, of depth between the painting and its fellow photograph?  No, Not so much a ‘duplication’  but a sense of  color unity or ‘kinship’ perhaps. They ‘belong’ to each other.

pairing 3

cobalt blue teal pb50
Which  Blues?!  cobalt, ultramarine, cobalt teal blue


Ocean ultramarine blue, cobalt teal,
Oceana in Cobalt Teal Blue and Ultramarine    and Cobalt


Prussian blue teal abstract watercolor painting,
Prussian, Teal and gold waters


blue lake painting, acrylic abstract landscape, acrylic textures, debi riley
Acrylic Blue Lake- cobalt prussian blend, shimmers of teal



pairings 4

River, watercolor landscape in limited palette, naples yellow, perylene green, beginner art lessons,
River of Jade and topaz plains


Version 2
Jade and emerald, topaz highlights

Colors at Play

Isn’t easy…. to get immersed within the loveliness of colors at play?

When I snapped these photos, that is how I felt. Lost within the gorgeous colors and patterns – amazed.

I really wasn’t ‘looking at the Big Picture.’  But rather the intricacies that lay right at my feet.


golden fluid acrylics, matisse flow, acrylic techniques,
Sea Foam………      Golden Matisse Fluid Flow Acrylics



pairings 5

Autumn Landscape prussian blue pb27,
Autumn glow    prussian mixed with quinacridone gold, burnt sienna mixed media on textured board


autumn reed reflections photo
Autumn Reed Reflections


autumn color, framed watercolor pastel print, impressionist landscape, autumn color
Autumn Colored, at debijriley



Summer impressionist watercolor landscape painting,
Summer colours



other paintings of water……

Version 2



shizen, zen, nature beauty, watercolour waterfall
Nature’s Waterfall   watercolors




watercolor contemporary landscape, cobalt teal blue pg50, abstract watercolor landscape,
Magical Mists watercolor landscape debi riley




watercolor blues, tropical ocean colors, cerulean, cobalt, teal, color mixes,
Bright Blues, (c) Indigo, teal, ultramarine/cobalt, pale prussian blue 



Watercolor Blues 

Color can lift your mood and energize; it can soothe and refresh.

Each Blue,  has a different and unique mood, or ‘feeling’ to it that you can employ in your paintings as you choose.


Cobalt teal 






Watercolor Basics  




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    1. thanks Anneli! …. its March so spring is just ‘right there’…. daffodils or crocus yet? forsythia? it is a countdown now for you. I remember 🙂 though i wasn’t keen on the gloomy rain, i confess!

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      1. I understand! I have to resort, to counting the days til relief is in sight. Cutting out numbers and sticking the bloody things into a bowl each day, to get thru the misery! LOL that. is Bad! with us, its the wretched furnace. for you its the rain/grey…. sigh. getting older is a nuisance. 🙂

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      2. yes. I always yearn for that lovely sense of fine Balance. not perfection, just…balance. the scales evenly distributed. WELL, those moments, are once in a blue moon LOL 🙂

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  1. So gorgeous! some of these I have never seen, I can’t choose which ones are my favorites except that I know which ones that really got my attention and that was Oceana and Sea Foam, to start! lol lovely post and it inspires me to want to paint! Sundays I rest and I was a good girl today, I didn’t paint but now I want to paint. lol

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    1. I forget, I have over 500 images stored now…. and not everyone has seen them all. (tho, some are best left in the past!!) lol
      I’ve shared a stunning group of landscape photos from Andrew Seal this time… boy. the colors make the hand itch!!
      but, I am resting today. for real! 🙂 take care, YRF

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  2. love the juxtapositions – source material is always so interesting particularly seeing it transformed into something unique with its own beauty yet with the feeling of the original.

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    1. thank you Andrew.
      Yes. the transformations and evolutions of a thing, are intriguing. It takes awhile really, for students to open up to that idea. But its always, in my mind as I steer the path in that direction…. ever So slowly. Tomorrow, they’ll be Referred to the post for a few pointers.

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  3. When I was in college I took an introductory geology class as an elective. It was fascinating and one piece of information stayed with me.
    Rocks, each has a color, and a scratch color. The scratch color is the color inside the groove made with a sharp object. The most fascinating were some color/scratch-color so unlikely combinations. They were always so beautiful. One of them was the Cobalt-Blue/Teal combination but I forgot the rock. Our professor said that artists love to work with these color combinations.

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    1. geology is indeed so interesting, it was one of the few science courses I liked. I loved reading your comments and thoughts Sawsan! your professor was right 🙂 Thank You, cheers, Debi

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