Color Possesses Me – Paul Klee

Oh so true!

“Color possesses me.

I don’t have to pursue it. It will pursue me always, I know it.”

Paul Klee


turquoise and amber vase shadows, color possesses me Paul Klee,
Color Possesses Me, quote Paul Klee


Whether its test strips of colors perched on my studio table, or paint tubes scattered like gumdrops across the floor.

watercolor test strips, color mixing for beginners tips,
Watercolor Test Strips of bold bright color!



shadows on the wall, colorfull,
Mere Shadows, yet beguiling


Or perhaps, Β the stunning colored shadows of a vase upon my wall…….. they are always there.

Its true.







    • Its like a little miracle…… wow. Anneli. What a wonderful observation… I’d never, thought of it, quite like That!
      But, I sure will now… Yes, it is like a little miracle of 3 indeed. πŸ™‚


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