Zen Leaves and Shadows

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I took a Zen Stroll in the early morning air. My  first in several long weeks, it was wonderful. The morning air was pleasant. Relaxing.

Summer is ending in Perth at last…. and I’m anticipating the glorious delights of getting to go outdoors for my Zen Strolls.   I wonder,  what awaits…..


I can’t be long with the post, as the Indigo paint mixes for class need to be finished soon.  But, I couldn’t let the findings of my morning stroll go unshared.



Zen Strolls

You might wonder where I go.

Do I have fabulous botanical parks all around me?  No.

I think most people would find it rather plain and boring. Even I do at times.

Then the weather calls, the morning sings. And I walk out the door.


Local Park

Around the block is all. There’s a fountain in the pond, and yes, its rather murky at times. The local council have planted shrubs and flowering plants that bloom on occasion. There’s always ducks and birds hanging about as well.

There’s a new playground for the local children with large gum trees shading the green soft grass. Nice, green, grass. A luxury!

I wanted to go a bit further.  To a new undiscovered area. I’ll have to wait. Next time. My hip is still in the process of recovering and sometimes my ‘eyes are bigger than my stomach.’  I over reach my capacities.


This little park would have to do.

I would make sure that … I Found Something New.   Even though I’ve been to this one,  hundreds of times before!   It would be My Challenge.



What I found

A new use for Indigo Blue.

Plum tree leaves!

plum tree, mixing colors, indigo blue, zen stroll, debiriley.com
Plum Tree, colors


If I mix permanent alizarin crimson with my Daniel Smith Indigo blue, I’m nearly certain that the result would be a lovely range of beautiful plum purples.


colors of plum, color mixing, indigo blue, debiriley.com
Colors…of Plum! debiriley.com

And then I think…..if, I add my Winsor Lemon to my Indigo, I’m going to create a range of greens. From bright yellow green, to grass parrot green, to a dark forest green.







Shadows are always sharper and more intense, right up close.  The nearer the object is to the shadow – its stronger.   But… when it is further away;  when you have walked a bit into the distance from it, the shadows melt and soft.  The closer the object is to its shadow the stronger and more powerful it is.    Interesting.

depth and shadows, near and far, zen strolls, debiriley.com
Shadows, near & far


soft shadows, depth, distance, nature walks, zen strolls, debiriley.com
So Softly the Shadows Fall, debiriley.com

So softly the shadows are merging on the walkway.

The tree foliage is quite some distance away….  and now, the soft gentleness looks “inviting’ and  Zen.  Its not so stark, Hard, and sharp.



Zen Leaves

Both of these photos are calming and peaceful, with those soft pretty greens.  And below …. those pretty magenta flowers  curve up. Shyly almost.

nature walk, discovering zen, tree leaves, calm, debiriley.com
zen stroll leaves




magenta blooms, flower photograph Perth, western australia flora, nature walks, zen strolls, debiriley.com
Blooms in the Park, debiriley.com





My so very short walk, my Zen Stroll, did indeed provide me with something new.

A couple of things in fact.



And it shows me again, I don’t really have to go out far afield to find something worthwhile.  Interesting.




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    1. thanks! you’ll get some great greens 🙂 deep deep dark forest greens (lots of indigo) and bright and springy limey greens (lots of yellow) I’d tried a different indigo as well. It was yuk.

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    1. that is so true!
      and I think most are just so preoccupied, so wrapped up in ‘being busy’…. that a moment of pause, would be considered Wasteful and non productive!

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