Just a simple play in watercolors.  Experimenting.

Testing how the lovely blues mix and merge together.

An ‘easy’ day. A fun day.  A Sunday.

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Fluted Blue Vase, watercolors



Watercolor Vase in  Blues

Nothing fancy, but a form clothed in blue.




Art Materials Used:

Paper – Fabriano 100% cotton, Cold Press


Watercolors –

Prussian Blue pb27      Maimeriblu   the post I linked shows the pairing of Prussian blue with the paler Cerulean

Ultramarine Blue pb29     Winsor and Newton    linked post illustrates the depth and boldness of Ultramarine

Phalo Blue pb15:3        Art Spectrum

Blues -Dive into the Mysteries of BLUE paints


A Hint, of wabi sabi

I was planning to finish it.  To go in and paint the vase shape all the way around.

But I paused. And considered the philosophy of wabi sabi that I love.

Wabi Sabi is the idea of finding and seeing the beauty in things impermanent, imperfect and unfinished.


And so, I chose, to leave it unfinished.