Indigo Shores (color landscape in oils)

indigo blue landscape in oils, semi abstract coastal painting in blues, ultramarine, cerulean blues, painting in blues, master color,

Indigo blue, bold and moody. Fun. An oil landscape created fast, in fresh wide sweeping brushstrokes.

The blues in the landscape sparkle. Lively and moving. Its certainly not dulled down from over working the strokes.

This is a coastal scene a bit on the wilder side, untamed and bold.  More than “Impressionist” right on the cusp of semi abstract. I was in just the right Creative Zone to create this image.

It  works for me.


indigo blue landscape in oils, semi abstract coastal painting in blues, ultramarine, cerulean blues, painting in blues, master color,
Indigo Shores, oil semi abstract Landscape



Landscape in Oils

My Palette in Oils features: Blues.

Indigo, Ultramarine, Phalo, Prussian, Cerulean.


The other two oil paints I’ve used are White and Winsor Lemon.

I find that with Minimal ‘mixing and stirring’  it provides cleaner and fresher colors. Less murky, less tired looking.  Paintings that have more of a ‘sparkle.’


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Reference Sources

My reference source and inspiration for the painting was a trip or two,  down south to Albany, a few years ago.

Albany, W.A.  has a breathtaking sense of wildness to it. Its cool green natural landscapes and coastal scenes…. make me jealous!  I wouldn’t mind at all packing up and living there.




Evoke a Feeling

As I’ve mentioned,  most times I don’t require a photograph at all.I rely on my memories.


I rely on how  I feel about the place, or the person or thing to give me the most inspiration. This… is me.  How I paint, now.


Feelings, and the content, Message, are more important to me – than the precise details and exactness.  For me,  ‘exactness’  or perfectness,  can  lose the heart and soul of the entity being painted, created.

Whereas if I am truly successful with conveying the feeling….. then, I believe the heart and soul will  shine through.


I paint with the intent to “stir the soul, and light a fire within.”  To paint with a passion that wakes the sleeping artists from within themselves.



Leaving you with……

“Thinking of the beautiful, clean and lovely environment of Albany, Western Australia. Wanting to return to these fabulous Indigo Shores. How can I not?”





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24 thoughts on “Indigo Shores (color landscape in oils)

    1. thank you so much Jodi! its not easy. no. it takes us all Time, to figure out how to cull out the superfluous. indeed to figure out, What is the superfluous. I like the feeling of culling. probably…. as it is such fun to be arbitrary and delete or add – just as I choose! But it is a challenge at first. I see though, you are doing more and more culling in your paintings…. 🙂 well done!

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  1. This is a beautiful painting. To me, I see somewhat of a story. Your strokes are soft and not overworked like you said. The sky and sea are soothing to look at – calming and relaxing due to the strokes & color. But then I noticed that the sea isn’t completely at rest. The tiny waves close to the shore is almost deceptive because I can see that a bigger wave is forming in the back near the left. The horizon is not straight and flat like normal calm scenes. There’s some restlessness about to happen and it’s like this painting is a snapshot of what was happening right before. In this story, as I see it anyway, pretty soon the sky will turn gray, the waves will increase in size and strength at the impending storm. So while it’s calm now, it won’t be very soon. So to me, I can see what you painted, but I can also see what you did not paint and it’s a beautiful story. I hope I don’t sound like a space cadet. You mentioned that you painted this with “feeling” and so I tried to look at it with feeling asking myself, ‘how does this painting make me feel.’ At first I was relaxed, as my story goes but then I kept looking at it and this story emerged. Believe me, I’m not a flake – it’s just what I see in this beautiful painting. A first for me. 🙂

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    1. hi Carol, you are pretty spot on! our trip to Albany the weather was unsettled. brief moments of sun peeking. then storms washing over the bay! i did take pics, and had to pay attn to the light sun and storms so much to get the shots. you picked up the energies of our trip 🙂 thank you for taking the time to share this. I like it when you, others respond back. ie have a dialogue of sorts!! thanks. cheers, Debi

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    1. they are so buttery, and lovely aren’t they? I don’t use turps just veg oil to clean up and that helps. plus, I paint outside. if you have some…. go for it! 🙂


    1. thank you, I’m so happy you like it too! your thoughts are really spot on about the mystery And the soothing. 🙂 cheers, Debi


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