Love Leaves a Legacy

love, love is greater, heirlooms, legacy,

Once again, Love leads the way in a week long flurry of ‘Love themed’ posts.

Love leaves a legacy and love leads by example. How so?


love, love is greater, heirlooms, legacy,
Love, is a Legacy



So, how… does an old battered book leave a legacy? How does it lead?  How is this, Love?


It begins perhaps with where the book came from.  And, how and why it has been used over the decades.



Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary

Webster’s was in our family’s little library as I grew up. It came to be a book I considered my very close friend.  Webster and I would usually have a quick dialogue just about every day.

I’d turn its see through pages over, wondering what was around the next corner.

Wondering what new word, world, language or bit of history I might learn today. I was excited by the thought of learning ….More.

In my eyes, it was the most beautiful of books. A treasure chest ….. for me. 




I have to tell you, it was my father’s special book.

His gilt lettered, leather bound, decades old dictionary.

To be honest,  no one else ever got the book out of the library.  They left it alone.  On the shelf.



The CALL of a Book 

But I’d always felt its call to me.

Its age and wisdom seemed to beckon me to come and pick it up!  I couldn’t resist. When I’d asked my father, he was more than happy to let me read Webster’s.


It really was a bit advanced for my age at the time.

My father did not say, nor infer that. Ever.

I felt his love and trust each time I opened the pages.  He trusted me to treat the parchment fine pages delicately, with care. So I did.

I thought it was pretty wonderful, special.  I was a kid, maybe not as rough as some…but still. You know how kids are!  Accidents, happen.  Luckily, never with Webster’s though.



Legacy of Love

I loved Webster’s while growing up, for all the amazing worlds and the knowledge it provided me.

I love the book now, for the legacy of love my father gifted me with.

And the book, is a symbol.


antique leather book, love, family,
Antique Aged Leather Book


Asian Influence of Wabi Sabi 

There is a subtle hint of wabi sabi beauty in this old torn book.

Worn by time and hands that loved it.


It has none of the glossy table top  flash of those  ‘pretty’ books.



It has of course something far more powerful and meaningful.




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10 thoughts on “Love Leaves a Legacy

  1. If i could take only one book with me it would be Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. A first edition lives here along with many others. Noah Webster left a legacy of love for words in his family including my husband and now with me and our children. A 10th edition is always at my elbow.

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  2. A treasure indeed. I feel the same way about my father’s tools that I use from time to time in the studio. I love your final photo that is a work of art in itself.

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    1. Thank you. The ‘Legacy’ that is passed along is important. I always enjoy reading your posts that you’ve written about your dad. They are filled with love 🙂

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    1. It is Jodi. I only have 2-3 things of my dad’s, and that was one I stood determined on!! 🙂 lol kindle is ok for other things, but not for everything.

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