A week of Love. Its nearly over. But Perhaps I may continue with a few more with this “Love theme.”  I certainly haven’t exhausted the possibilities that reside within my mind’s eye.

Love can be wrapped in so many different, creative beautiful ways.

I’m finding this week a joyful challenge.


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The Lovely Lure of Color



Color is a Lovely Lure

The lure of color for me is always present.  Shamelessly, my eyes always scan…. for color. You know and I know,  I’m in love with color.

My love should be, of course Tonal Values.



In the early days of my painting journey, my worst downfall was color.

Every time, color was ‘caked on’ to the watercolor paper.



“Because the colors were Pretty.

Because the colors Really were there.”

Because I had no idea that I was mucking the painting up by going in willy nilly with my circus of colors.



Colors lured me in.  My love of color, unrestrained and uncontrolled, set me up for non successful paintings.



I had a high percentage of paintings that were merely “mid tone, mid tone, mid tone…. throw in a dark tone.”

Sad as this makes a ‘colorist’ ……this does not work out well.



Tonal Values  ie ‘shading’

Paintings and drawings need an adequate range of tones, ie shading, in order for the image to come to life.  Without tonal values it will look flat. Shapes will look like they’re ‘floating.’  There will be no depth or perspective, unless I ensure plenty of tonal values.


I’m still learning.

Over time, it gets easier.

But, I still struggle to make certain that “Tone” gets it fair share too.  It is still, a challenge for those drawn in to the lure of color.






Watercolor Love …..

This little beauty simply fell into my lap. I was  ‘in the zone.’  Lucky me, that day!

The paints were out.

My 5 small sheets of paper were laid out as well. Waiting.


Why 5, you may inquire.

I’ve always worked on the premise that if I do several, then surely at least ONE of those will be OK, will be alright.

As well as:   The More I paint and practice – the better I will get.

Both ideas resonate quite strongly within me.



Watercolor Paints Used

My watercolor paints consisted of my 3 Basic colors:

pb28 cobalt blue, py175 winsor lemon, pv19 permanent rose.

And for a unique,  special twist……  pg18  viridian green.



Yes.  Just Because. I felt like it that day.




My watercolor painting is nearly semi abstract.

Loose. Joyful. Full of freedom.


Undeniably, the color lures you in.