Atwell Gallery has provided myself and thousands of people with fresh new creative discoveries. It was here, while teaching class at Atwell this joyful, sparkling watercolor was created.

Like many other absolute beginners, the person was uncertain and just a little apprehensive. Maybe more so.

I can only imagine.


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“Joys” gorgeous color pairing watercolor,  Penny –

It makes me think of the wonderful colors and patterns of Matisse and Gauguin.

I love this painting with its beautiful colors, movement and pattern. I couldn’t resist including it in my week dedicated to ….LOVE.



Watercolor  Joy

I can only imagine, if I was in her shoes.  Coming into a class midterm, a complete beginner amongst the others who have all been painting awhile.

To top it off… the teacher was her sister. Talk about ‘pressure’ right from the get go.


We all have expectations.

We all have standards and criteria in our heads that we strive to meet.

The worry many also have is “What will my family say? My friends? Will they poke fun, laugh? ….Will they be encouraging and positive or will their words  eat away at my joy?”

“Am I brave enough to allow myself the Freedom to release my inner creativity as it wills? Come what may!?”



A Form, of Love

Dear Family and Friends

Friends and Family,  I have noted over many years,  you play a major role in the continuation of your Loved ones creative outlets.

Yes, we all should be, strong and self reliant enough to plunge ahead disregarding the mockery and laughter. (“WHAT is That?!”   “Is THAT Abstract?!”)


But do we? Most can’t. Many creatives, are also sensitives.  It cripples many and prevents the gates of creativity from ever, opening.  Lets not shut the doors upon someone else’s Joy.

Lets be joyful and inspire those we love. Lets find the positives.  Lets imagine ourselves in their shoes.  Lets be Encouraging to those we love, so that we assist them in their art journey.

Artists… we can tell our family to be and find the positive.  To use different words.



What I love most about teaching is the sense of satisfaction and wonder instilled in those starting off on their journeys.  It is Joyful. It is lovely.





What I love about the Painting:

#1 Vibrancy

It is a Vibrant design, with colors that dance and a lovely feeling of movement within.  A delightful patterned watercolor painting.


#2 Turquoise and Orange Pairing

Straight away, my eyes go to the palette she chose. Lush dynamic turquoise-green with its complement orange.  Complementary pairing make eye grabbing art images, every time. Something to remember!


#3 Movement and Rhythm

Movement.  The flower shapes ‘revolve’ and swirl down and towards the viewer.  This is an excellent design idea to guide viewers’ eyes.


#4 Sparkle!

Sparkle.  She allowed…. bits of white paper to remain! This trick gives the illusion of much more depth, more life and energy than if it was “all colored in.”  You know how that looks, dulled.


#5 Edges

Hard Edges. In this image, having all hard edges works for this specific design. It is a very graphic style, very pattern like.  In fact – this would be a prime candidate for products.  I can so easily see this pattern on fabrics.  Dresses, leggings, tote bags.



I would Love, to see this happen!



You. Can. Do. It. Too.

go to  and check it out to get the details on how easy it is to get set up.


Open the Gates of Creativity

You’ll love it. It is fun. Exciting. Satisfying.