Light. Soft. Delicate.

So very “watercolor-like.”

pink rose, impressionist watercolor, watercolour techniques,
Pink Impressionist Watercolor Rose,

Watercolor Florals

The approach is really just a bit ‘softer’ than my typical style; verging on the Too Pretty side actually.

But. I had a bee in my bonnet.

And I have a thing for pink lately, strangely enough. Its never been a color I’ve been overly fond of previously. …… but things change.



Besides, it is a very good thing to get out of the comfort zone. To step into a new pathway, a new direction, a new color.

To loosen the reins on Control!

One never knows what the Possibilities might be, unless you try!


This Pink Impressionist watercolor was, naturally…..Zen Stroll inspired. My neighbors’ Roses, in bloom.

Confession. This wasn’t painted today.

But was created while I was still able to do my Zen Strolls, which was a couple weeks back. I’ll soon be out there on more strolls, when I’m off the crutches. Soon!