Its Warm, Its Yellow, Its Chirpy

uplifting color of yellow, healing power of colors, yellow flower photography,

I can feel it begin to creep in. The edge of unharnessed energy. Tucked away, with no outlet at the present moment.

This is a great sign!

Its telling me, all those yellow flowers decorating the house…..have done their part in helping me recover.

And lets not forget my wonderful family and friends who’ve jumped right in and are graciously helping me out. Including buying the flowers!


color therapy, flower therapy, speeding recovery with flowers, warm yellow uplifting,
A Yellow Hug




I do love warm yellow flowers, especially roses. The gentle delicate washes of topaz and amber yellow sunrises….stop me. Every time.

My preference is for Warm Yellow’s inviting embrace and I’m not as, enthralled with Lemon Yellow’s edge of aloofness.




uplifting color of yellow, healing power of colors, yellow flower photography,
Soft Yellow Petals, kellywalkerphotography

Yellow Paint

My favorite Yellow paint is in fact Daniel Smith Naples Yellow.

So warm. Gorgeous. You really ought to try this color out.

Its on my List of  Must Have Paints, at all times.



sunset watercolour, naples yellow
Sunset Naples Yellow




Warm Yellow…….

I’m sure its an art form of Vitamin D, don’t you think?!




Yellow,  Color Therapy

Since I’ve been laid up with the hip tear surgery, I’ve been using lots of pain management strategies.

Point, smile, “please, thank you”  are working well.

$1 a task for the grandchildren works on occasion.  I might have to up the ante though.

Times… they are a’changing.



kellywalkerphotography, yellow flowers, color therapy of yellow, healing
Sunflower’s Warmth, kellywalkerphotography



Color Therapy  has been another helpful strategy.

Even in bed or sitting I’m finding ways to immerse myself in lovely colors that are uplifting. Colors, that make me feel better, that make me smile.



Warm Yellow works for me very well.

And not a secret to you,  so does cobalt teal blue.



Well Being

Yellow is noted to be a color that is linked to: joy, cheerfulness, mental clarity, speaking, writing, visualization, curiosity, learning.   Dark, warm yellow is ‘said to’ assist wellness and healing of nerve pain.



I can believe it.

I’m feeling uplifted already. Chirpy, Too!




flower photography,, color therapy with yellow, healing with flowers,
An Embrace, kellywalkerphotography












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32 thoughts on “Its Warm, Its Yellow, Its Chirpy

  1. I hope you get fully well very soon. I LOVE warm yellows too. For me, my favourite is the really deep hued warm yellow just before it turns into orange – the saffron colour of some Buddhist monk robes. My other favourite is also a blue, I make it with ultramarine and a little alizarin crimson. Blue just on the edge of purple. Wishing you well 🙂

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    1. thanks David, I will tell the photographer…. it wasn’t me this time ! I’m taking advantage of my daughter while I’m temporarily out of action. LOL

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    1. thank you Sylvia! I must tell the photographer, she will be happy to hear that 🙂 I’m taking dreadful advantage of my daughter… lol, having her take photos! she is wonderful about it.


    1. great to hear from you Leslie! hope you are well and enjoying 2017 – basking in your lovely rainbow now!! thanks!! cheers, Debi


    1. dearest LL, my goodness. just to see you here makes my Day so bright! missing you. & I confess, golum too. I struggle without golum’s words of en-couragement! thank you for stopping in and your wonderful, lovely comment (((((((((((((((LL))))))))))))))) lol

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      1. so sorry for my slow as molasses in January response! you know I love you, darn hip… just does its own thing at times. its better though!! cheers, debi

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      2. gracias, my dear friend!
        9(LL) …. maybe I will change that to 10 next time, considering myself an ‘honorary’ sister in Spirit!! 🙂
        oops… should I have spelled that Rumps way (honerary)…. LOL

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    1. Good for YOU!! what a wonderful place to go to, when you feel the need. Lovely. I’ve wanted yellow walls, one day!
      thank you for your kind and thoughtful wishes 🙂 cheers, Debi

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    1. Joyce…. that is SO Funny! warning taken! lol
      I’m trying to increase my time in my office chair, so I can get busy with some notes! No driving for me yet, so Vicky’s going to drive me to work 🙂


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