Zen Strolls

zen stroll, nature photography, relaxing in the outdoors, debiriley.com

I realised a while back that I might have, passed along my affinity for zen strolls and nature photography to my daughter….. It does seems like it!

My daughter and I try to steal a few moments to just immerse in the beauty of nature whenever we can. Even the briefest of strolls,  5 or 10 minutes really do work.


zen stroll, nature photography, relaxing in the outdoors, debiriley.com
Zen Stroll, nature; kellywalker

I do adore this soft blurred background she has created.  The gradual sharpness of detail. The delicacy of palette: lavender and green.

It seems to me, there’s a wee bit of mystery and magic within that invites me to “Come and take a look!”


Relax… in Nature

Busy and harried moms, city dwellers, office workers, most of us – can benefit from a few minutes of Zen Strolls.   I think we all might have some ‘stuff’ in our lives that getting out for a bit of fresh air, wouldn’t go astray.


To relax and breathe the wonderful, magical fresh outdoors air. To leave the family duties behind for a few short minutes and to have a mini adventure.

A micro photo shoot. Sounds….. Like Fun!!



nature photography, green fern design, zen stroll, debiriley.com
Fern unfurled, Kelly Walker


Beautiful Fern,  crisp with lovely lime and olive greens.  The whole fern topic, reminds me of my grandmother and the Mary Ellen fern  I’d painted for her.  So, I think I’m partial to this one.



Fresh Eyes, New View Point

Its always fascinating to me, to see another artist’s body of work.

To see the patterns being woven as they “just create.”

Its intriguing to see what the majority of images tend to be.

What colors the artist gravitates most to. What type of ‘Edges’ the artist prefers.


We’re all so uniquely made.  So different.

Seeing from such diverse perspectives, I find that…. a story in itself.



nature photography, zen strolls, serenity, relaxing outdoors, debiriley.com
Summer Grass, Kelly Walker

Isn’t that background glorious! Boy,  if I could entice her to do oils….. this would be a great one to do, with this background.   Not. Likely.


These nature photographs have been taken by Kelly Walker, you can find her artworks available at kelly walker @ redbubble.com 


The prior post Walking Down the Garden Path was a prelude to this post.




A little heads up for readers.

I will be temporarily out of action. And will really try to get a few posts out in the next few weeks, but…. they may be just a little sporadic for a while.  I haven’t abandoned WP in 2017! its just a hip issue,  getting “Resolved.”



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