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My picks for 2016

You may wonder where all my paintings are. But, what I found when I searched my 2016 images – with the word Magnificent in mind, surprised me.

I felt there was a lot more “feeling” in my photographs this year than in my paintings.

Maybe next year it will be changed in the other direction!

As you know, early April there was a ‘problem’ and I lost 5 years of photos along with my backup. So, I think, I’ve probably been trying to make up for that lack taking numerous photographs on my Zen Strolls.

(the word magnificent is being used in this context to describe the mood and feeling, the experience  that went along with the visual art image created.)   Its really not indicative of whether the image is top calibre or not… just the ‘Feeling.’

I hope you enjoy these.



I can get lost in this ruby red and magenta tulip. It was a magical day at Arulean Botanical park with my daughter….. and grandchildren.  Who, of course. Were “bored!”


magenta tulip sunlit photograph, beauty in flowers,
Magenta Beauty, (c) 2016



Also from the Arulean park and gardens.

The filtered sun created a lovely bokeh; the ambience filled with Light and Peace.

And Hope.

floral photography, emotive art photos,
Hope is Magnificent




A Magnificent Storm formed over the Indian Ocean.

Giving The Pinnacles, W.A. a moody, somber and still appearance.  They wait.

It was awesome to share this with family. We went with my sister and BIL north of Perth, up to Kalbarri on a very Magnificent  holiday.

Western Australia travel, the Pinnacles, Western Australia, stormy outback sky,
Charcoal Skies, Australia






Every one of us, is like a bowl. If you think about it……..

Decorated uniquely; but it is our ‘connecting with others’ that make us magnificent. Together.



Still Life pink coral, patterned bowls, graphic design, debi riley art,
Its Still Life



with these hands.

A snapshot along the busy streets. Perfect and beautiful.

I see Hope – there in the closeness and connectedness of these 3 hands.


with these hands, love, touch, create,
With These Hands



A single bird, rising as if released from ‘cloud hands.’

With Hope and Promise.


black and white photography, sky clouds, contemplations,
dove released





Wishing you,  all,  a Magnificent 2017







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25 thoughts on “Magnificent

    1. Deborah, we think alike here! the dove in God’s hands was such a wondrous thing…. I love it. I’m glad you do too, and thank you for your comment on it!! 🙂

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  1. As always so beautiful, your photographs, your paintings and your writing. Thankyou so much dear Debi, you share with us such a beautiful moments with us, feeding our souls… I wish you Happy New Year, and 2017 be yours the best, Love, nia

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    1. thank you Nia.
      I’m wishing you – a calm and peace filled year, with safety and protection all round you and yours. hugs and much love to you!


    1. many, kind thank you’s! it happens, and life goes on. a bump. I was sad, but I looked at the whole thing thinking that Life, could be a whole lot worse!! that got the pout off my face, LOL Wishing you a very good, 2017!


  2. Dear Debi, discovering your website on WP in 2016 was one of the greatest pleasure for me. Thank you for the inspiration and for your support through the comments and likes. Thank you for your friendship in 2016! I appreciate it very very much! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Cheers!

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    1. you are very kind! thank you Violeta!
      I love going over to your place & looking, seeing what new adventures you have been on. I really enjoy your spirit of Adventure that shows in your art, your brushwork 🙂 I wish you a wonderful 2017 V – filled with many good things and lovely surprises! Debi

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  3. A beautiful review of so many memorable moments Debi. Not surprisingly “With these hands” is my favourite and one that I can relate to as you can well imagine. Looking forward to continuing to be inspired by you in the year ahead. Warmest wishes as always and a Happy New Year to you and yours…Andrew

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    1. Thanks!
      and your ‘pick’ isn’t a surprise Andrew!! lol Thanking you as well for all of your wonderfully creative art inspirations I’ve admired and learned from.
      HNY! 2017 will be a great new chapter for art and new creative endeavors 🙂

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