As many of you may have discovered reading my articles, I have a very broad scope on what “Art” can be.   Sharing Art, is simply a way of giving what one is able to – to some one else.


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The Art of Kalbarri Color turquoise waters Perth



The Forms of ART

Art comes in Many Diverse Forms. 


A visit overseas to see a relative is art.

Smiling at a stranger at a stop light, yes, I think that is an art too.

The cake decorator at the bakery just may be an artist as well.

And I know my local barista is one!



Why? Why would I think that anything other than a play, a painting, a musical, a sculpture …. Was ‘REAL ART’?


Who am I to look upon a child’s first drawing and loftily say – That, is not art!

Or to an elderly man’s painting using the only tools he has, and think its not art.



What ART Means

What is Art to me?

it is creating something from deep within oneself,

expressing it outwards in whatever form it takes,

and sharing it with others,

for the good of all.



Giving, what we are able to

Art is our way of connecting our ideas, thoughts, emotions with others. Of sharing.

Some of us, attempt to light a pathway that others might see the boulders we tripped over.


Art is connecting, sharing, of helping;  of giving what we are able to others,

And lets not forget Hope.



Art is Hope

Art is an entity that especially when shared, may burst into  Hope.

Hope feeds the human soul.    We can not do without it.



art is hope, sharing art,
art is hope