Curves and Colors: Abstracts

earth tones, abstract art geometrics, brown bronze,

Curves in Art.

This first painting with its graduating circles, curving in like a vortex, definitely leads the eye around and inward.

earth tones, abstract art geometrics, brown bronze,
Curved:  circular forms of earth


I’ve created 2  very different styles of abstracts, equally enjoyable for me.

Both feature the Curve in their design.

One is easier to ‘relax’ with while the other is a bit more on the ‘energetic’ side.  Can you, see that difference?  Do you know why?



obtain depth with curved lines, textures, color,
Curves and Textures


I’ve used color,  texture and tonal values to enhance the illusion of depth.

This last image I’ve used a multitude of layers.  Layers of tone, textures.  All with a sweeping curving directional movement to alleviate boredom.



The first image with all curving circles is smoother, gentler.  While the last image with the rough textures and more drama,  creates a stronger sensation of Tension ‘abrasion.’     This is why one feel more relaxed with one style than the other.





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10 thoughts on “Curves and Colors: Abstracts

  1. Two good images but I am none too sure that everyone sees the same things in their own minds. I love the first image, all the circles and those circles making there own circles. But for me it is not a relaxing image as I am constantly searching for the a point where all that energy comes from.

    The second image being more natural is so easy to go with the flow.

    Just some thoughts and certainly no criticism implied. 🙂

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  2. Very two creative images, Debi. Like David said, I was also wondering where all the energy is coming from in the first image 🙂 To me, usually its colour that determines whether or not I feel calm when looking at an image. With the second image, I spy both cool and warm colours – and looking at that image I do feel a bit of a rush of energy (abrasion, as you said) but also a sense of calmness and in control when my eyes flick over to the blues 🙂

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    1. Thank you Mabel 🙂 Its great that this sensation was conveyed!
      I liked this mysterious sense of inner power with its hint of energy. Most of the time when I create I try to use integrate the Yugen element of wabi sabi – hinting at things. I guess, for me ‘wondering’ about art is fun. Its not everyone’s cup of tea though! lol

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