Season of Love

peace, joy, love oil painting in blue


It makes the world go round….

in every season.

peace, joy, love oil painting in blue
Love…..peace, joy, love (c)


The Season



It is the spirit of peace that calls out to be heard and shared.



It is simply sharing a moment of goodness,  of something ‘lovely and precious.’




It is the Light that keeps us going, dark the night may be.







This is the 3rd year I’ve posted this oil painting during the Christmas Season.

I love the colors, the feeling, the Message!

Its great to start fun new traditions. Sharing this lovely blue oil painting each holiday seems like a wonderful one to continue.






A Way With Oils

  1. Painting with oils on a lovely rich and sturdy canvas is a delight.

2. The good canvas has a certain Responsiveness, a give, a ‘spring’ to it that those cheaper panels… don’t even come close to.


3. The Canvas grips and holds, your brushstroke.

4. Freezing in time, the feeling, the expression the artist was experiencing.


5. When I’ve used the panels they feel harsh, hard. There is no give, no spring. No responsiveness.   They feel slick, slippery.  Resistant. As if they’re made one way and will adamantly resist this freedom of expression.  This, is of course,  my own personal experience and thoughts.


6. I love the way good canvas feels, it is such a Joy!

7. It seems to respond and dialogue with the artist with each brush stroke. Expressing the mood and essence of the artist and subject – with greater ease.


8. The Materials we choose, should ‘help’ the artist. Not create battles and hindrances.


9. This particular canvas featured, I primed and stretched myself.

I don’t do that as a rule though! I normally am time poor, so will buy the professional grade wrap around edge canvas. (Knowing it Can be painted over, In OILS,  which makes the budget minded me, quite happy!)


10. My monochromatic and limited palette of colors used for this painting:  cobalt blue, indigo, white, cobalt teal blue




Brands of Oil Paints I like 


Old Holland

Winsor and Newton



Winsor and Newton Alkyds

The one I’d love to try, is Vasari. With its smooth, buttery softness. Sadly, its not available in Australia yet.


Sophie Ploeg’s post on oil paint brands makes a great read. Its very informative, listing several brands and their attributes.




I hope you have enjoyed The Season of Love with these snippets of oil painting information.

Cheers, Debi


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  1. What could be a better message for the season. Catching up, and sending you warm seasonal greetings from the frozen Pacific North West, something I know you are only too familiar with.

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    1. brrrrrr….. the logs in the fireplace at least give a bit of holiday atmosphere. And, the Lights at night do look better when its cold. finding the positives, lol

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