Too busy, too rushed. Its like this nearly every Holiday isn’t it?

But here, is a wonderful thing I can do – so can you, to bring a moment of calm to the holiday hustle.

Just… close your eyes.


monotype painting, woman, calmness,
For a Moment, Close your eyes….  art image monotype technique


Calm… Closing your eyes

30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds.

Of eyes closed.

Letting myself wander to some forest I’ve walked. Some mountain stream I’ve waded. A cool cobalt teal river I’ve floated down.




It is a beautiful thing, this Closing of Eyes.

For just a moment.

Just to be Restored. Refreshed. Invigorated.

And then, back to the tasks at hand.



Monotype Portrait Process

This art image was created using the monotype process.


  1. On a glass plate I drew/painted the woman using big, old brushes with my black printing ink.

2. I had no reference in front of me.  Just what was in my memory banks from looking at a lot of my family’s very old photos.   So, really… this was created from “my imagination.


3. This portrait, is a rarity for me. I do not do people.  Its not my thing. I’m more into abstracts, color and the landscape. You Know!


4. Using the bigger brushes I felt would help me not fiddle. Would help in the mood I wanted to create:  vintage, old fashioned, a look of softness,  of gentler times.


5. I used oil inks. Its HOT here, I needed to have more time to draw the subject up before the Perth heat dried the ink out.


6. Placing the Masa paper over the plate

7. I then used a wooden spoon to gently rub the ink onto the paper.

8. The first print was too dark, imo.   This is the second and the final print. It came out a wee bit lighter. Not so heavy and I like it better.


9. Once it was downloaded, I placed in onto a greyed green matt with the photo editor. The other colors white, black, tan, red  I  tried did not suit.

10. Next were the rectangular shapes in dove grey.  Vertical.  I love how the verticals direct the viewers’ eyes where I wish.


11. Last.  The text.

I tried a number of fonts, until I finally found “Snell Roundhand.”  It worked.

Again,  using the Vertical design aspect… I placed the text in the vertical long box. With Close at the top. I wanted to break up the text.  This, would also help ‘guide’ the viewers’ eyes in.





Even though, I know I’m a colorist, loving landscapes – I really don’t mind this foray into black and white. Portrait to boot.

*It has conveyed a time and place.

It has captured a mood and atmosphere that I find charming.

Relaxing. Gentle. Calming.




A painting, can be successful even if there are a few technical imperfections.

IF,  it has been able to bring forth a response from the viewer.

 If it  Touches them in some way.      




Close Your Eyes…… 

for a moment




Cheers, Debi