Mammoth sized paintings to tiny postage stamp creations.

Mountains to molehills.

Its a gathering. Of art ideas.


shizen, zen, nature beauty, watercolour waterfall
Simplicity, Nature’s Waterfall  30 x 22 inches



Paint Large or Small

Painting in  both modes  has helped shape me.

It has been an excellent tool for  ‘broadening’ my art journey.

It can work, for you too.


cobalt watercolour flowers
Cobalt Flowers    1 Inch Miniature ……




Somedays I feel like a Mountain, other days I need a lovely and lively micro mini.

I can reshape ‘the mountain’  into a molehill. 



1.   Minimize the mountain.

Monday Mountains, watercolour miniature landscapes,
Mondays Mountains      .5 x.5 inch each  watercolors


2.  Flatten the mountain out!  Look at it from above. From a fresh, new viewpoint.

versions of grey, oil painting,
Grey Landscape,    Large OIl on canvas cropped detail


3.  Focus on only one target area of the mountain;  simplify and disregard all else.

watercolour mountain, 7 days of Zen, shizen,
ShiZen Mountain in Repose    22 x 30 inches watercolor





As the artist

And I can also,  turn that tiny little miniature molehill into a difficult, mammoth work of time and effort.

Filled with Blood, sweat and tears. Or keep it Light, nice and easy.  If, that is… what I wished to do.


As the artist, as the creator of the artwork….. I can do what I choose, what I please.





There are times,  when we Need a mountain to paint; and Times when we need a micro mini to paint.

Watercolour mountain indigo naples yellow
Watercolour Mountain naples yellow, indigo, indanthrone  22x 15 inches


color on the mountain, landscape painting, emerald, jade,
Color On The Mountain



In Miniature…….

A Forest of Firs watercolours
A Forest of Firs watercolour   1 x1 inch Miniature  …..


We may not stop to ask ourselves, “Why?” “What purpose is being served?”

But, there is, a purpose….. so I have discovered.




Art’s Many Benefits!

Art is and can be, of such great value in so many regards:


Summer impressionist watercolor landscape painting,
Summer blissful serenity – zen        2×2 inches

Art can be a meditative and calming endeavor.

Sweeping away  distractions and letting go the noise.

To just be In The Moment.  A creative moment.



Watercolours Wild Floral fast and loose painting
Wild Floral fast and loose!    large watercolor 28 x 48 “

Art can be physical.

It can be really, vigorous physical activity.

I often stand and move. My whole body is ‘engaged’ and active. I can get quite a workout with my art.  Thats not even considering if I go out for plein air, as does Margaret.   (


Art is a Thinking activity.

I’m literally exhausted from all the mental activity at the end of my painting sessions. The mind is making hundreds of micro decisions every moment. Unseen, unconscious.  You wouldn’t think ‘painting’ would be so tiring!


Art shows us how to Identify a Problem.

Then, we Plan the required steps and processes.

And we finish by, Implementing these to a satisfactory resolution.



This …… is a transferable skill to life’s other areas.

Do art long enough and these habits,  become automatic.



Art  shows us how to take a Mountain and reshape it. Into a molehill.   

Lovely isn’t it?!