A quick dash and splash of paints.

A playful moment. Magenta Moments.



Filled with enthusiasm and bright holiday cheer.


contemporary acrylic abstract, magenta and turquoise, debiriley.com
Magenta Moments – color bliss



Art, the way I feel its meant to be for me.

Art, come into its own. In its zone.


In harmony with the creative spirit.

Simple and fun.  Free and Expressive.



The Muse dances


in these

Magenta Moments.    





I didn’t  use my “art basics checklist” for this.

I went with sheer intuition, with passion and feeling.

To simply record my emotions, in that moment.

Not only is this fun, its a great stress reliever.  No pressure. No rules.

NO Performing.

No being on stage, or in a circus, or in a show.

No pressure to make it look good for someone else.  I was just me,  and I could splash in the paints at will.

I don’t have to show another soul.  I don’t have a deadline.


Magenta Moments is sheer color bliss.