The Light Will Come

morning fog photography, sunlight, peaceful nature scene,

Fog.  This was a rare treat for me.  It was the first early morning fog I’d seen in years.

So even though it was rather brisk and still dark,  I grabbed the opportunity for a Stroll.

The Fog, beckoned!


morning fog photography, sunlight, peaceful nature scene,
The Light Shines Through the Fog


The Light Shines

The above shot was one of the last photos I took that morning.

Finally, the sun was rising….burning its way through the layers of fog.


It was one of those times, one of those rare moments when you just know – this moment has been embedded within.


You will remember.


It will come forth.  IN many forms.

The threads of its memory will be created in some form….. Paintings. Stories. Poems, perhaps.


Just like the Light – it will come.

It will shine through these layers of fog.




early morning fog photographs, clarice beckett soft edges,
School Yard Enshrouded


School: light in the fog


A block away, is our local school.

Desaturated colors, so different to how I normally see it.


Imagine this instead:


Flashy viridian emerald green field, rich red terracotta brick buildings contrasting against the sharp, cobalt of the Perth sky.




When The Fog Rises


It amazes me. How the fog, penetrates.

How the colors bleached to blizzard greys.

How lost one can become within these deep layers of fog so dense, so tangible, your foot disappears from view.

Fog no longer a veil, but a wall.



when the fog rises like a giant

and the veil,  becomes a Wall –


the morning Waits.

dawn seems, not to break.


yet we know,

The Light – Will Come






Perth bushland park, early morning fog, nature,
Perth Bushland Morning Fog – peace filled



Inspirations…. for today’s post


Clarice Beckett    an Australian oil painter, a treasure unrealised til recent times.  She was a master at creating soft moods and atmosphere.  At hinting. At creating ever so subtle nuances.   Breathtakingly evocative paintings. Do Google her.


Fruitful Dark ….    fantastic artist, painting in oils with a gift at being able to say more – with less.  Inspirationally skillful in the art of using,  soft edges.


Wolf Kahn –  with his absolutely glorious fully saturated pastels;  And …. his blurred Soft Edges!  so wonderful, so inspiring, so moody.


Zen Strolls  1 

Zen Strolls 2 



I will leave you with this:


In this gentle softness

this beauty of fog,

there fills the void


not a sense of dull sullen grey


a lovely enveloping blanket

of peace

of hope

of love


of knowing –

The Light

Will Come





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