Work in Progress…. Cobalt Teal Blue

cobalt teal blue pg 50, acrylic seascape, work in progress,

Cobalt Teal Blue.

Summer, its time for CTB (cobalt teal blue) again.


Viridian Waters
Photo Inspiration!


What a lovely refreshing color.

This photo Inspiration  –  certainly catches the eye!



Acrylic – Work in Progress

This is a small acrylic painting I began a few months ago and I’d placed it on my wall. I do that when I need to gain objectivity. It helps me to determine the next step.


So it has hung hung on the wall, niggling at me.

I’d left it alone there. Just looking at it.


Until I had the right, the exact steps of action in mind, that would Resolve The Issue.


The Beginning

How it WAS.

A bit flat.


ocean painting in acrylic, turquoise, cobalt teal,
Ocean Turquoise Cobalt Teal

In Progress

Nearly,  finished. Just not quite there yet!

A few more Lights, to add. And….  some softening of the edges.

But, its coming along.


How it is at the moment:

cobalt teal blue pg 50, acrylic seascape, work in progress,
Cobalt Teal Blue WorkinProgress

Cobalt Teal Blue,  and the Buff Titanium, White and Prussian Blue  complete this breezy,  cool seascape Acrylic palette.


Current Status

I can’t always, finish work in one go.

I really, do prefer that method when its possible.

Life’s other areas,  sometimes get in the way of my painting fun though!



I’ve had to put it aside. Again. As I now have other commitments and work projects I have to get started and finished.


This, is still a WIP.

Almost done, though.


Back on the wall.

To niggle….. until it is resolved.      Soon.


Anyway,  on the positive and bright side, I like it alot better now than it was before.

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39 thoughts on “Work in Progress…. Cobalt Teal Blue

    1. thanks! always a lovely complement from another creative artist 🙂
      hmmm trade – well, maybe ! I haven’t thought of doing that before; but, its an interesting thought 🙂


  1. Lovely..Love the addition of prussian Blue, and new paint this WIP!..
    I just opened my reader, was missing your artwork.!!..Sunday eve’ here Debi.
    …it is really neat, to see..the changes going on..❣ always, from Canada ..Joanne

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    1. hi Joanne! thank you, so much. and that is so kind of you …. to say you were missing my posts too! I wanted to show the ‘inspiration’ then the Beginning, then what it looks like at the moment. Will have another post on it, when I can get it fine tuned. enjoy your week, J!! 🙂 cheers, Debi

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  2. I also like to get paintings done in a good stretch but not always because I sometimes have a tendency to rush them. I love being able to see your progress and that you have paintings that sit and wait a while. You are human after all! I have been hankering to get back to acrylics….love your painting and the CBT….of course 🙂 I like the trick of hanging it on the wall and waiting for the answers to pop out.

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    1. 🙂 I love, your responses Margaret!! I’m laughing because, most of the time, thats what the solutions do… all of a sudden – they POP out. and I think, WHY, didn’t I think of that before?!! lol when I use acrylics, I love using open medium with them to increase the drying time. ie more soft edges. less sharp hard edges all over the place! but, a little dab, will do ya’ 🙂 thank YOU, Margaret!

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      1. oh… you have regular acrylics and using the open medium works pretty well? I was tempted in buying the Open Goldens but wondering about it. I am wanting to switch from Liquitex to Golden. Which brand do you use? I use all kinds of tricks to see with “open” eyes…lol….seems like that is the coin word in this conversation. I use the mirror trick, the surprise and look trick….any trick that gets me to see it right. Man it is hard! and then when you aren’t expecting it….pop! lol

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      2. one thing I do, is specifically, look for just tones alone. period. -0- else. and, if when I squint… I can see the tonal values being adequate, not too midtone midtone midtone … but Light! mid.dark. then – we have Success! 🙂 also, take a photo of the work, then turn it into b/w on the computer. see what tones are missing. usually… theres too much Mid tone and dark tone. and not enough light tones!! 🙂

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      3. i’d highly, suggest that as a painting helper tool!! the #1 dilemma we all face when painting…. is getting our tonal values incorrect. I did, in this one!

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  3. From Holland I was in WA 3 times. About 40! years ago I tried some watercolors in Nornalup and Denmark.
    A man came by and said he was a french artist ho had lived in WA already for years but never succeeded in reproducing your clear ocean skies and the LIGHT you have there. So please keep them blue and clear and don’t mix too much yellow in them!
    Congratulations with your healthey clean air.
    Jan van Dalsen

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    1. hi Jan! thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts! Denmark and Albany… are my fav places 🙂 the WA coastline and ocean waters are simply magnificent; and as an ‘import’ from Seattle I really appreciate good beaches. Thanks again, Cheers! Debi


  4. Thanks for sharing the process and reminding us it’s always a journey; when have we reached our destination is the challenge? As always I love your blues 🙂

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