Cobalt Teal Blue.

Summer, its time for CTB (cobalt teal blue) again.


Viridian Waters
Photo Inspiration!


What a lovely refreshing color.

This photo Inspiration  –  certainly catches the eye!



Acrylic – Work in Progress

This is a small acrylic painting I began a few months ago and I’d placed it on my wall. I do that when I need to gain objectivity. It helps me to determine the next step.


So it has hung hung on the wall, niggling at me.

I’d left it alone there. Just looking at it.


Until I had the right, the exact steps of action in mind, that would Resolve The Issue.


The Beginning

How it WAS.

A bit flat.


ocean painting in acrylic, turquoise, cobalt teal,
Ocean Turquoise Cobalt Teal

In Progress

Nearly,  finished. Just not quite there yet!

A few more Lights, to add. And….  some softening of the edges.

But, its coming along.


How it is at the moment:

cobalt teal blue pg 50, acrylic seascape, work in progress,
Cobalt Teal Blue WorkinProgress

Cobalt Teal Blue,  and the Buff Titanium, White and Prussian Blue  complete this breezy,  cool seascape Acrylic palette.


Current Status

I can’t always, finish work in one go.

I really, do prefer that method when its possible.

Life’s other areas,  sometimes get in the way of my painting fun though!



I’ve had to put it aside. Again. As I now have other commitments and work projects I have to get started and finished.


This, is still a WIP.

Almost done, though.


Back on the wall.

To niggle….. until it is resolved.      Soon.


Anyway,  on the positive and bright side, I like it alot better now than it was before.