What Fun!

What Fun!

watercolor abstract, rose pink, gold, debiriley.com
Watercolor Fun, inspired by a rose


Inspired by lovely pinks, oranges, creams.  Petals.

I had fun dissecting the rose petals, then layering and stacking them together.

All the while wondering how I might create an abstract.  Inspired by roses. Yet, looking nothing like a rose. Nor even a flower.



watercolor abstract, rose colors, debiriley.com
What Fun! watercolor abstract

But. The colors.

Such gorgeous colors.

This was fun. It was relaxing.  There was a zen quietness and peace in the creation that I find utterly….. worthwhile.


No. It doesn’t look like a flower!!  But it certainly brings them back to remembrance.  How good is that?  Quite good enough.




Roses, pink, orange, debiriley.com
Pinks and Orange roses



sunlit orange yellow petals against the sun, rose petal photograph debiriley.com
sunlit joyous floral, debiriley.com



medley of yellow rose, photo, debiriley.com
Third Medley
crimson roses photography, rose bouquet painting monotype, creative art, debiriley.com
Crimson Roses









  1. Love this color combination. I recently purchased a set of dessert plates of irregular shapes, very similar color combination. I’m not allowing anyone to use them yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sawsan…. at least you bought the set and were thinking you’d share, sometime soon!
      I found a really stunning colorful plate. And bought just the one. for me. a very guilty pleasure. I told myself it was an “art prop” 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m glad to know it’s not just me.
        I play with food photography. I do it for my daughter. She is a little chef preparing her portfolio
        So we end up buying just the one of many plates.


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