Roses Again…. in Oils

yellow rose, oil painting, textures,

Inspired by the roses once more.

The thing is, when the subject is so beguiling it just won’t let you go.

yellow rose, oil painting, textures,
Yellow Rose, oils


Roses in Oils

This time I’m trying out some oil paints.

Nothing big.

Just a rather small 5×5 inch rose study.



I’m aiming for a High Key image, nice and bright.

Full of light and space.




Normally, I use canvas for my oils.

But, I wanted to see how the artist grade, oil pad paper would handle texture.

If it could cope and if I could get an adequate sculptural look on it.


I think it did an alright job.  If you look,  there is plenty of texture on this.

I still, of course prefer canvas.  However, I’ll use the pad paper now as well, especially  for my smaller images.


soft pink rose oil painting,
Soft Pinks, Rose in Oil paints


What I like about oil paints:

I love how they are slower to dry and give me those gorgeous blurred soft edges.

They have a luminosity and radiant inner glow that does not dull or flatten out.



floral painting in oils, yellow and pink roses,
Pink and Yellow Roses, from the fish shop


Many people seem to value and esteem Oils much higher than other mediums; and thus,  the oil paintings can be sold for more.



I’m not too sure I’m on board with devaluing watercolors, acrylics, etc.

As in my opinion, it is the quality of the work that is the determining factor of worth and value.  It is not about which medium used.

People argue watercolors fade.

Well, they will if one uses student paints and papers, and non lightfast materials.   I use archival professional materials with all the media I use… so I don’t consider this a valid factor at all.



My inspiration from the Fish Shop Roses,  has generated a lot of artistic creations! With more in store.  I’ve played in my watercolors,  black inks & more monotypes.  I think I’ve been a little creative lately.


roses in spring, photograph,
Nose in Roses





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25 thoughts on “Roses Again…. in Oils

      1. not really, not anymore. the first 10 years we did. then… it just waned. we celebrate more in our hearts, than with a feast. Its not a public holiday here !!

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  1. So very creative. I agree about cost vs medium, although the time to create an oil painting is longer…waiting for paint to dry! Is this why the cost gets increased??? Still the amount of painting time can be about the same as an average, according to size of painting of course. Quite recently I had two pieces of art work in a charity auction, both only 20cmx20cm one oil, one watercolour, interestingly the watercolour received a record number of bids and reaches £150.00, the oil painting, although still popular had less bids and made half the price of the watercolour. Both were hare paintings. I was surprised as I was always led to believe oils fetched more, but truly the public likes what it likes. I agree, price should not be determined by medium, creativity, skill, time, materials….I guess that’s why art is hard to price.

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    1. all my instructors held the view that watercolors…. were for beginners, were for ‘sketches and studies’ and not ‘Serious Paintings.’ And that sums up the philosophy.
      Watercolors were never, taken as serious valid art. Times …are changing. Slowly.


    1. thank you for your lovely comment! Im happy that you’ve enjoyed this light and soft touch of roses.
      ps, you don’t see the stack of “unresolved Dilemmas” I have in hiding! lol but, they’re fun too – when its time to Resolve them!

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    1. since I’ve been putting designs into the shops…. I’m really much more aware of how certain images might look as towels, bedding, curtains, leggings, shirts… I did not use to think that way at all. So, its not an insult to me – And, thanks Annali! 🙂

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  2. Lovely! And how exciting to see that you’re working in oil. While I was learning watercolors, I learned so much from you. Now I’ll surely be picking up lots of tips from your oil paintings, too. 🙂

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    1. hi Judith, I try to do oils in spring here; the only time I really can work outdoors! I’m glad you mentioned this, I can think of a good post on oil paints to work on!
      btw, was there specifics, that you wanted? or just “General” ?

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      1. Right now, my biggest struggle seems to be getting organized so I can paint without making a huge mess. That’s something I’ll just have to work on. I’m just open to any “tips” in general. I always pick up a lot of good info from your blog. 🙂

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