Simplicity: Red Roses, Blue Vase

floral rose monotype, simplicity, zen minimalism, red white and blue palette,



My chosen words for the day.

floral rose monotype, simplicity, zen minimalism, red white and blue palette,
Red Roses, Blue Vase,


Those words,  I feel suit my mood and the dialogue.


Is More.




Red Roses

The flowers,  are portions –  from my fish shop’s wonderful rose bouquet of yesterday.


I have used  my photographs that I took at the shop.  I have a ‘connection.’


And I place emphasis on the word….. Use.

I’ve used them as  tools.  As aids.  As helpers.

They,  are to work for Me!



I’ve selected, rearranged and grouped the elements as I saw fit.

As it pleased me to do so.



In other words…. I’ve been ‘influenced’ by my photos. But, I’ve not been the slave of the photos nor  ‘their myriad of precious tiny details.’

They serve me.  I am their Director…….  Not the other way around.


This, is How, I can achieve a minimalist approach.




Monotypes  Monoprints


Monoprints, monotypes.  Nearly everyone uses those 2 words interchangeably. But, a monoprint is meant to be done in a Series.  Whilst a monotype is normally a  “One Off.”  (with a ghost print.)



My art image has been done using the monotype process using watersoluble inks.

I painted the subject onto the glass plate first, using the inks. Then carefully laid my printing paper over the inked/painted plate and rubbed with a wooden spoon to capture the image.

Once I lifted the paper, I could see the striations, colors, textures and variations of tones upon the paper.

Monotypes are great fun.  My class will be doing a couple of weeks of these experiments.



Have fun and Loosen Up!

There are many ways, techniques to use for Monotypes.

I’m Definitely, going to try a few more!


I love how monotypes can be so versatile, simple, fun and loose.

Perfect technique to help loosen people up, and become more Impressionist.  More color and movement oriented.


Simply…. Fun!



crimson roses photography, rose bouquet painting monotype, creative art,
Crimson Roses





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33 thoughts on “Simplicity: Red Roses, Blue Vase

  1. You are seriously an artistic genius. Period. You can make something out of so little and make it amazing! That vase – especially – so draws me in with it’s shape. and then the POP of red. WoW! In fact, HSW! 🙂

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    1. hi Jodi, thank you! esp for the HSW, lol so glad you enjoyed the minimalist look of this one 🙂 I did a few more, the monotypes are so much fun.


    1. Margaret, I’m so happy that you have enjoyed this!! I get excited to show new, different art approaches to people and then see what happens 🙂 monotypes are easy and fun….. going to try? 🙂

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      1. I am wanting to expand out and I love exploration in art, so I would love to. I started to watch a demo on YouTube but didn’t have the time to finish follow through. Imagine that?….lol Any suggestions how to get started?

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      2. use a piece of glass, watersoluble speedball ink (blue. or brown) go monochrome til you get in the swing of things. a brayer and wooden spoon . use printing papers like Masa, Stonehenge or rice papers… for this one – I painted the image onto the glass. fast! and willy nilly. Few strokes. then pressed print paper on it. and used the wooden spoon to press all over. or use a barren to do that. thats just one way!!

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      3. I have a brayer….maybe 3-4 inch wide, no barren but I could use a wooden spoon, same affect right? Also couldn’t a person add other mediums to enhance and continue the painting? or would that cancel out it being a monotype?

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      4. wooden spoon is great! and, yes you “add to” once the print is DRY. do -0- while its still wet, drying.
        then fine tune with pastels, oil pastels, watercolor, inks, etc. + collage too! LOL gold leaf……..

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