Reflections II

abstractions in reflections, photograph

Turning a stroll into art. Thats what I do. I think I turn most things I see, into one form of art or another. By seeing it, Differently.

It certainly makes life more enjoyable, even the ……. less beautiful aspects.

nature photography, creative art,
Creation I,

On this walk I was stopped, by a woman who was venting about how horrible and green the water was. I listened.

The water was green. (I’m an artist… I liked it.)

I breathed the lovely fresh cool air. And said my good byes.



Reflections II


Its a game. Its a challenge. But, it is also a way of being.  This question of “Can I?”   Or more to the point….. “HOW,  can I?”


Can I?  Can I turn an ugly rubbish bin into some lovely form of art?  Can I, turn a pile of dirty dishes into a thing of beauty?  Can I, create beauty from the ashes?

Can I?

Michelangelo, Renoir, Ansel Adams, Monet,  Pisarro, Corot, Clarice Beckett …. these artists could.

They did.




Art. Being an artist.

Is not simply a question of how to mix colors.

How to take a photograph. Nor how to create wet in wet backgrounds.

We need to know these, yes.

But, Art is so much more involved, much deeper than skill with the mechanical techniques.



Of utmost importance.

Is the way we think.

The sheer determination to turn rubbish into beauty. To reveal the essence of the subject.


nature photo, water and trees, creative art
vertical format view, reflections


To look with our heart’s eye.

And not our clinical eye.



To see into the very heart and Truth, of the subject, the image,  the painting.


Not the contrived deceptions of details that are set to confound us like gold glittering  on the sidewalks.

We see truth best looking with our heart, not our clinical  and critical eye.  That clinical eye is often fooled by sleight of hand tricks and details.




Here is an interesting question that I read a few years back and it has stuck in my mind since………

If true beauty is precise perfectly detailed renditions, then should we not just let computers do all our art forms?


But, no.  The beauty of art contains the essence of the subject and threads of the conversation between the artist and the subject.  

This, is something perfection and precision are not able to achieve. We need a bit of wabi sabi for that. A bit of imperfection.

abstractions in reflections, photograph
lovely tree reflections, abstractions in water


With your imagination, divide this into 6 segments.  Straight down the centre.  Then in thirds, horizontally. 6 segments.


If you look,

at each segment by segment.   Super close, its almost as if magical worlds are just on the other side.  With tall spires and castle domes that loom.

I love the Right Top segment, with its greyness and haunting qualities.



Reflections are intriguing things.

Within them,  I think we all feel more free to allow our imaginations Out to play.





Just in case you missed it,  you can read part I Reflections in the Water.   







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31 thoughts on “Reflections II

    1. hi Leanne, thank you! That one is the original. the rest are ‘cropped’ versions that I just wanted to show different aspects 🙂 thanks!


  1. Debi, you are a teacher and inspiration! Wow on this post! Wow is pretty much the word for all your artwork and posts! What a blessing to be your WP neighbor. Don’t have to worry about you cluttering up the place, you truly turn ashes into beauty:) Thank you for sharing.

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    1. hi Denise, Thank you for such a lovely comment! I do appreciate it.
      I’m really glad that you’re enjoying the website information and the art I’m sharing. 🙂
      Cheers, Debi

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      1. As I thought about your suggestion for blue and gray in the background, as I take photographs, I wondered if I could incorporate the technique more into my photos. Pondering this idea:) Thank you Debi:)

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  2. You nailed it…..we are artists with an eye for finding the beauty in the apparent “ugliness” or mundane. We shouldn’t be striving to make perfect because that is not the goal… the photos…..taking us into the depths of creativity. 🙂

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    1. good morning Margaret 🙂 thank you, once again. these posts, have crept in… I begin with one plan. Then the words on the screen tumble out on their own. I figure its a bit like painting. They want out. no use fighting them, just channel them.
      So whats art like at your place, M?

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      1. I have painted two or three paintings in the past several days and two of them are abstracts. Very fun and intuitive… judgment, just following my instincts. I’ll send a photo of them when I can. I have a hard time discerning if they are finished. I will have family over for a few more days but once I have the time I will.

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    1. thanks Cynthia! the place is, quite dark and bayou like. full of a haunting, yet charming quality that keeps drawing me back.
      Plus, there’s no mosquitos! 🙂

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