Creating Art….Togetherness

art forms, horse riding, horse photograph,

Its a Beautiful thing.  Oneness and unity.  Harmony between two living beings.

Grace, elegance, poetry. Communication between two. Its an art.

Capturing our imaginations.


art forms, horse riding, horse photograph,
Together. Just a girl and a horse, in harmony


Art, Together


Just a girl and just a horse, but together – they create Art.

The girl isn’t painting,  sculpting, singing or dancing. But riding and horsemanship can be an art form.



Whatever avenue our art takes, it always requires a sense of harmony and flow.

It never ‘works’ if its stiff, stilted, tense or tight.


We must practice our skills,  relentlessly, until… they become ‘automatic.’

(Until its just like getting into the car to drive.)


Painting, dancing, horse riding, photography, being a musician, or a chef… they all require that feeling of harmony and partnership with the other ‘entity’ involved.

Those entities might be a person, a paint brush, ballet slippers, a horse, camera, piano, fire or a knife.

They are our Partners in our art.



horse riding partners, photograph, art forms are diverse,
Partners in Art


So no, the girl,  isn’t painting or dancing.

But we do certainly feel the unity between the two of them.

Their partnership, is clearly made known – to us.


This bond and unity between two unlikely creatures.

Both for different reasons. The horse, for her own special reasons. And the girl, hers as well.





Art Forms

Art comes to us in so many Different forms.

Maybe  I had previously years ago thought,  that “Art”  was always meant to be X.  Only X. That was all.

I was told it was so. Maybe you were too.




See Differently

I see differently now.

A butterfly dancing in the wind is as beautiful as a ballerina. The random swirls of tree reflections in the lake, as momentous as a Monet.  Rothko is just as magnificent as Renoir.

The sleek coat with its rich caramel and burnt sienna colors contrasting vibrantly against the midnight mane and tail.  Delightful.


Jodi’s cake icing… a delicious creative form of art.

I saw in it a wild and free Jackson Pollock-ish  approach. I liked it.




I see too how art can be even more intangible.

It is, quite an art form to create enthusiasm, inspiration, hope, in others  – regardless of the media.  No matter in which form,  it is accomplished.

That is Art.



A new riding coach,  substituting the day I watched the lesson – She, was an Art Master!

This coach was  absolutely brilliant at what she did.

Creating enthusiasm and inspiration and confidence.

A huge, heartfelt Thank you to Page.



riding is an art form, partnership in horse riding, photo,
In Harmony, art takes many forms




Art. It is a language.

It is communicating and expressing those things  that  have been found beautiful   in the eyes and heart of the artist – with others.

All,  in the hopes of letting others see that same beauty.


To Give others the same experience of magic and wonder and sense of Possibilities that exist.



So whether you were born to ride, or have a passion to paint, sing, sew, cook, dance, or teach –




don’t forget,

WE   are   ‘Gift Givers.’







Art Tip #1

Unity and Harmony  are key elements to creating great art 





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The act of creation, in any media is a fascinating and magical process. I simply love to create. Expressing in color, line, tone, texture - as if, they were words upon a page. Creating a uniquely me, interpretation. Enjoy More of my "one-of-a-kind" expressive art at and,

23 thoughts on “Creating Art….Togetherness

  1. I am so troubled and saddened mood, I scarce can think..Yep!!.And in comes Debi’s Excellent, beautiful And life giving wordpress ‼️❤️ Moments!!.hours ago..!!!…
    Nothing could Warm my heart, and break down my many defenses, this eve’, like A Bold Faced Photographic Picture of ‘ A GIRL AND HER HORSE,’ .. The love of horse’s and riding, was born in me by my Dear sweet Mother..Dorothy..1918, A girl who rode bareback, and all geared up, as her Favourite PASSION.. the fields were, open and Free!!…
    You have proved again, the endless, spirit of hope and joy, we can all attain..Debi..Just by sharing our Special Moments,
    I love your Themes, and Bold photoghrapy..!!.
    SHARING IS CARING.. 🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎼
    …😊 ..

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    1. hi Joanne, Thank you! what gratitude I have to know you’ve enjoyed this post! & 4 much same reasons too. waahh! lol
      I bet your mom was a go getter. any photos of her on the horse? share with us?
      well, if not, I sure can envision It.
      I’m so glad, this post meant something to another person out there. You. It does help, to know – others are actually getting some real Benefits, out of the info, art writing & photos I’m doing on WP.

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      1. Thank you Debi!!.Actually, I have at teast one which came to me as I was reading your Post, last night!!.I am going to get those ‘black and white !’ Poses out, and try to get them on this wordpress..(thank you for asking!) ..
        She was unique, even in her time.” They tell me) ..and the Stories, I was so priveleged) .. I would love to share her with you’s
        Joanne .. Thanks again..


  2. You are so right, that we should not under- estimate..the Creative, to Surprise, Uplift, and all round, Arrive where it is needed Most!!..I live TEACHERS ..JOANNE

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  3. Great post Debi. The colour on the flanks of that horse is just amazing. Really beautiful warm tones and the way it melts into the black of the legs and feet. Who can dream up an animal like that?

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  4. So well said, the partnership of horse and human, I for one definitely agree, riding, and for that matter, even the relationship on the ground is an art, sometimes it comes naturally, sometimes it is learnt, then practice practice, as much as possible. Then just to confuse the novice, each horse behaves differently ( just like any medium, might do ) and those learnt skills have to be tweaked a little to accommodate this different horse…sometimes it maybe an environmental / external change that makes the horse behave in a different way, so tweaks again are required. Knowing these changes is all part of the art. The art of being at one and dancing with the horse. We never stop learning, even the ‘best’ have to constantly practice 😀. My friend is an equipilates teacher, at first I thought it was all rubbish, but I am converted, it is about subtle changes in the human body, which can change the way we communicate with the horse. Of course I have years of injury, aches pains etc as happens in aging!!! Pilates helps rid or make better, so my communication is better with the horse…..keep going ‘ just a girl and a horse’ and the biggest most important lesson is to enjoy, and love, what ever the results that come out keep going. Today I feel privaledged, I have painting and riding in my life, enjoy whatever your art form is.

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    1. Rebecca, you know it! each one, has its own ‘quirks’ 🙂 lol Equipilates! I’d never heard of that, I must ‘google’ this, of course. but yes, I bet it would be really great too. to paint, and ride … oh the Joy. so lovely. well, my grandaughter is the rider now, so i watch. lol
      Rebecca, I really – appreciated your comment today. It did come at a very good time. Thank you. Thank you for your follow and your support here on WP. hugs. Debi

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      1. You are welcome, I am so pleased to hear your grand daughter is enjoying the Union of riding. Sorry for the delay, my app was not working, and it is the easiest way to receive notifications, I eventually deleted the app after three days of a blank page, then reinstalled, yippee it works again 😀

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      2. no worries, I’m pretty pitiful with WP and techie stuff. if people don’t hear from me, I just Hope they forgive and understand… hehehe Glad yours is now working Fine, as it should 🙂
        my grand daughter has my early passion and natural easy seat/balance on the horse. its fun to watch. now have to work out how to get her routine access to horses though!

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