The blue waves crash.

I’m standing in the cool waters. Shoes up on shore.

ocean waves in blue oils, abstract painting,
SeaWaves, at the Beach, oils (c)


Sea Waves in Oil Paints


I do have tight hold of my camera with its zoom lens, securely wrapped around my neck as well.


What, am I doing?!  I’m looking for ‘color’ naturally.

The elusive shot keeps escaping me, a will o’wisp.



Watching the waves.

Almost from within the wave itself, as I edge closer. Zoom tighter.

Delighting in the ultramarine blue; and seeing how the viridian and emerald meld together.




I did capture some color as the waves crashed the surf. There were some lovely and lively photos.

But for today, I thought this painting serves as a better image.  A more interesting capture.