Its Sunday

Its Sunday. Bright and pure the day dawns.

A crisp morning with fresh, clean colors. Clarity.

colorful abstract acrylic flower painting, color and texture in painting,
Its Sunday, (c)

Sunday Morning

A new day dawns. Hope arises. Hope shines.

Its Sunday. Let the week begin.



Acrylic Painting: Beginnings

It started off  OK.  You can see its beginning at debi.riley Instagram.

But then the painting needed to be put down, to  ‘rest awhile.’  Just until I could think…. think through the challenges it presented.


Just until I could see it with clarity.

I often need Time.    To reflect.   


Even with an acrylic I choose to persist with a painting over a long period of time if needed.

If I don’t feel its resolved, I choose to pause.  and wait.

Until the right action presents itself.   (Lao Tzu)



Nothing is Beyond Repair 

Experience shows that my efforts aren’t   “ruined!”

Nor  irreparably broken, unless I rip it up.  Unless I throw it in the trash. So I keep going with it.

I keep thinking of ways to go around the problem.

To go through the problem. Of how I can achieve an outcome that resonates with me and leaves me feeling Satisfied.

Yes, somedays it can feel like climbing a mountain. It can be a challenge to remain hopeful, to remain persistent, to remain diligent, to remain convinced that it can be done.



The 2 words that see me through:



With over 30 years of painting it has been a very rare few, that I couldn’t adequately resolve. In due time.    



What have I done to this painting?

This image has been cropped, double matted, plus I  added textures and colors – now, I’m feeling its more unified.  It has more peace to it.  I like it much better now. It has a feeling of ‘finished’ to it.


Step by Step, the Painting Process

  1.  I painted the canvas white.  Fairly randomly, with texture. I didn’t want a perfectly smooth surface.

2.  The flowers with lemon yellow and lime accents were painted next.  Followed by the magenta red that has ‘drips.’

3.  Next the blue lavender flower and some stems. I left the smudges, there. Wabi Sabi, is just fine with me.

4.  The magenta needed something; so with a dry brush approach I dragged the blue over the red. Creating a lovely feeling of depth and texture on the left side.

5.  I cropped the image into a tight square. Deleting clutter, unneeded shapes. A bit ruthlessly, but it made for a much better  design this way.

6.  Last, were the two matts.  White on the inside, which assists the viewers’ eyes in.  And, strangely for me,  a pale green exterior matt.


This pale green, actually complemented the design.

It helps with creating a sense of Freshness.


Clean. Bright. Its Sunday morning – clarity and hope.



  1. People often don’t speak of the struggles with art making and I think that is such a shame because we need to realize that from the depths of creating, there is a struggle within. It might feel uncomfortable or even “bad” but if one embraces it….or pause as you mention in this post, that struggle is part of advancing up that creative mountain. It is difficult at times but always there is hope, I believe. You are getting your zen moving lately with these posts! Your painting with simplicity in color and texture has a volume that says so much more than detail could, imho. It says “there”… is as beauty is….what a mystery!

    Liked by 1 person

    • you’ve started my Monday off just peachy Andrew, Thank You for sharing your thoughts! I’m happy that this re-worked image passed along some Joy to you today. Cheers, Debi


  2. Art is such that it needs to be deliberated upon. Attach-detatch. Only to finally be one with it. To melt in its embrace. Art needs a little pampering too lol. It needs complete attention. However, taking a breather is a good idea. That time gap allows introspect.


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