Watercolor, versatile and forgiving.

Watercolor,  the easiest of the media to make corrections!

One year later, I returned to the painting.  Washed some areas off, softened off some bits and added a few hints of pastels here and there.   Done!


watercolor sunset landscape, bright red sky, mountain at dusk painting, debiriley.com
Evenings Golden Lights, debiriley.com  (c)   2016


That is one of the major attributes I like most about watercolor.

How easy it is to make alterations.

That I can return to it,  whenever I feel inclined. Being able to soften the edges even one year later.  To lift paint right off the paper and start afresh if needed.



Watercolor Landscape:   4 Fast Tips

A Limited palette is easier to work with, my foundation painting I’ve used just 3 colors

Make sure there is adequate Light, Mid and Dark tones in the image

Try to create a ‘pathway’  that leads the viewer’s eye inwards

Come back to it later, when dry – to make corrections is safest approach




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