The Glow: Evening’s Golden Lights

watercolor sunset landscape, bright red sky, mountain at dusk painting,

Watercolor, versatile and forgiving.

Watercolor,  the easiest of the media to make corrections!

One year later, I returned to the painting.  Washed some areas off, softened off some bits and added a few hints of pastels here and there.   Done!


watercolor sunset landscape, bright red sky, mountain at dusk painting,
Evenings Golden Lights,  (c)   2016


That is one of the major attributes I like most about watercolor.

How easy it is to make alterations.

That I can return to it,  whenever I feel inclined. Being able to soften the edges even one year later.  To lift paint right off the paper and start afresh if needed.



Watercolor Landscape:   4 Fast Tips

A Limited palette is easier to work with, my foundation painting I’ve used just 3 colors

Make sure there is adequate Light, Mid and Dark tones in the image

Try to create a ‘pathway’  that leads the viewer’s eye inwards

Come back to it later, when dry – to make corrections is safest approach




Watercolor posts of interest for the beginner and landscape painters:

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12 thoughts on “The Glow: Evening’s Golden Lights

    1. thank you Margaret! I share with WP, the good, the bad, the ugly paintings!
      I wanted to share this one, because it WAS ‘hidden under the bed’ painting. ie not yet resolved image. I want to share with WP and www an artist’s journey – exciting, enchanting, with moments of plummeting lows. But Then. you get back up & keep going. I’m pretty sure you get it, M. This journey is not all sunshine, smiles and roses, just because it “Should Be” but is a journey I’ve chosen to follow. And attempt to show it… like it is. Watercolors – there’s always another Path to take to success. Thank you Margaret 🙂

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      1. the periodic ‘rough patches’ seem to go in cycles, just like the good times. lol I loved !! your recent hiking photos on fb M. So glad you shared 🙂

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    1. hi Graham, thank you! Yes, I did use pastels, Mt. Vision the lovely, big soft ones.
      I probably didn’t explain this very well in my post, sorry!
      I haven’t been a huge fan of the ‘pencils’ as they have some traits, that don’t integrate with my Impressionist, working approach as well.


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